Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not Promote Songs I Wish Would Have Been.

This are songs that I wish would have been good to promote on Music Shows.

SNSD - How Great Is Your Love
While the title song "The Boys" was a huge track of the album, the ballad song "How Great Is Your Love" was also a song I really like. Also SNSD member Sooyoung also debut as a lyricists with this song meaning she wrote the lyrics to this song. I absolutely love the lyrics and all of there vocals was really good too. But they did sing this song as a special goodbye stage. I really hope that this song would be the song that they promoted but even if they didn't "The Boys" was still a hit.

Big Bang - Bad Boy
I really wish that this was the song that they promoted because out of the three music video that was release for this album I liked "Bad Boys" more than "Blues" and "Fanatics Baby". I still love the song "Blues" but the idea that I like it "Bad Boy" more than the song that they promoted was kind of a sad point because I have been waiting for Big Bang comeback when I heard they were coming back as a group. I still love the album very much and now they are actually doing their "Alive Concert Tour".

SISTAR - Lead Me
I really wish that they would have promote this song because when I first heard it I absolutely love this song more than the title song "Alone". This song show the sexiness but is show also the cuteness that SISTAR have too. "Alone" is a great song but "Lead Me" actually show the potential in all the members and it is very different from others performances too. This is the song they use as their comeback song too. Which make me like the song even more then "Alone" itself.

Davichi - Love Oh Love
I really love Davichi's Song. While promoting "Don't Say Goodbye" I really love their song "Love Oh Love" that they were singing whiling they were promoting "Don't Say Goodbye". Both song that a great amount of likes and love. I really love both the song but I would have wish for them to also promote "Love Oh Love" too.

After School - Lady
The song "Lady" came from the album that After School Blue promoted "Wonder Boy". This album came out when After School was put into two sub units groups called After School Blue and After School Blue after Bekah graduation from After School. The song "Lady" was actually sung by all the members of After School not the members of After School Blue. I love this song after listening to it when it first came out with the album that After School Blue was promoting.

EXO - History
EXO is the newest addition to the SM TOWN Family. They contains 12 members but they are put into two sub units group called EXO-K and EXO-M. Basically one group (EXO-K) would promote in Korea while the other (EXO-M) promote in China. I really wish that they would of use their pre-debut single "History" as their debut song and not "MAMA". I do like both song but I think "History" was a better song to promote.

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