Saturday, December 1, 2012

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bais Day 4

Day 4 Your Bais in 2AM & 4Minute

My bais from 2AM is Jo Kwon. He so funny and have a great sense of humor. 
You just got to love his dancing. That something that he really good at, making them funny.
When you talk about Jo Kwon, dancing is one thing you must see.

My two bais from 4Minute is Hyuna and Jiyoon.
After discovering Wonder Girls in 2007, Hyuna was a favorite of mine since then, but unforuntaly she got out of the group. Since 4Minute debut, Hyuna been a favorite idol of mine. I love Jiyoon because of her amazing agyeo. It a 180 change from her performances to her in person. 

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