Saturday, August 3, 2013

[MV Review] F(x) & EXO

F(x)'s Rum Pum Pum Pum & EXO's Growl

F(x) is back after a long break but it great to see them. EXO came back after just ending their wonderful song "Wolf". Now let's check out their new songs that these two wonderful siblings of SM have put together.

So let start off with F(x)'s Rum Pum Pum Pum. One thing I notice right from the start is the great change they have on their appearance for this comeback, that is exactly how F(x) is and have been before. Every comeback is something new to look out for. 

Watching the video on a very high quality is the best which also changes a lot of views too. The video itself is similar to very other SM videos with the artist in a set. It usual to see that. I happen to really love all the clothes or outfits in the music video so far and also from the live stages performances too. One thing for sure was that, to tell the truth, this was not like by me for the first time. BUT... I say but, I have happen to grow to like it because of the chorus part, which I happen to really like it.

The dance itself is really different from other dance I have seen which I think looks quite hard to follow along with it a great dance routine too. All the members look great in all the scenes and also Sulli have gotten really good with rapping. I happen to love her part with "Attention boys!" 

Rate: 9.5/10

 Korean Version & Chinese Verison

Now to the amazing EXO group with two music videos of "Growl", one in Korean and the other in Chinese. So let's start off with the one in Korean then later the Chinese one.

The music video starts off with Tao's handsome face and then into the dance scene with six members: three from EXO-K and the other three from EXO-M. Of course the other six members join in after about 1 minute of singing and dancing. One thing so far is that I happen to really like the dance. I mean I love the dance because it so different from other dances for sure. Oh, I happen to love the dance to the chorus part a lot too. 

Basically the dance goes in circle from the members going around and then into one big dance with all the members dancing together.  I am going to have to give it to the camera person for able to do go around and take it with all the members dancing along with following the camera around too.

The beginning of the Chinese version is different from the beginning of the Korean version for sure except for the fact that we get to see Tao's handsome face at the beginning. The dance is what is different from both version. Along with the parts of singing and rapping too. 

The version begins with six member dancing again but instead it different from the Korean version. This one is 5 members of EXO-M and 1 member of EXO-K first then the second part of the dance is 5 members of EXO-K and 1 member of EXO-M. 

It is quite nice to see the two version of the song because the singing portion is all different from each other. Also I love the part with Luhan and DO singing the slow part around (time) 2:30 of the music video. Also the fact that I caught was that in the Korean version Kai drop his hat and pick it right up while in the Chinese version he didn't drop his hat at all. Another thing is that in the Korean version we ended off with Kai's hat and in the Chinese version we ended off with Luhan's hat.

Rate: 20/20

Tell me what you think about these two songs or three songs I should say?

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