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LTA KPOP EP 30: MV Review

Welcome me back to blogging to know where I have been go ahead and click here on this link here: CLICK HERE!,  It also about my first year as a college student too. But I have stop myself from watching any new KPOP MV so I could focus and now I have tons of them to watch and do a review on them. So let just go ahead and begin this review!!!!

Megan Lee - 8Dayz 
Korean Version

English Version

Okay, lets begin with the fact that there is two version to this song by Megan Lee call 8dayz. There is the Korean version and then of course the English version. I happen to really like both of them a lot. I got to know (not personally) Megan Lee through of course her youtube channel by the name of cutiepiemeg918 and I have love her since before she move to Korea. I am so happy for her debut and so proud of her for making it so far. 
The very first thing you notice in both MV is that it currently 11:58am and she is still in bed. Who does that? I mean of course there is people like that but the latest I have stay in bed (or sleep) is until 10 the latest, but either way at the end of the MV is only moves one minute. She is in dream land as we all know. 
In the Korean version, I love the how she use the days of the week in the song, more likely I love her English. I mean she is from the states that for sure. The MV is very bright and it seem very hippieish to me, but it is very pretty with all the flowers and different scenes outside. Although the dance is awkward. In the Korean version, we have BEAST Junhyung rapping part which doesn't appear in the English version, which I am really sad about since I love the rapping part. It weird too since there are those people in the background wearing those masks. HAHA:)
The English version is very exactly the same MV but again it doesn't have the rapping parts to it. I have to think that the Korean and the English lyrics to the songs are not the same at all, but I do like both versions a lot again. 
Rate: 9/10

SECRET Jun Hyoseong - Good Night Kiss

YEAH! I am so happy for Hyoseong solo debut. I really hope to see a different side of Hyoseong in her solo debut then in SECRET.
This MV show some very sexy scenes of Hyoseong, that again SECRET's MV doesn't really do. The dances movements in sort of powerful but I wish to see more of Hyoseong talent in dancing. I mean she have dancing part of course but her passion for dancing is not really shown through it at all. The song itself is quite addicting. After listening to a while you might get hook on (if not then you must not like it at all). I feel like this song is a song were you like it or don't after the first time.
The MV itself, personally I don't know if it does have a story line or it doesn't at all.
Rate: 8/10

G.NA - Pretty Lingerie

This is a song that is really G.NA style. It a cute and bubbly song when you first hear it. The dance is simple and easy to follow along. There is nothing bad about this song, I feel that this is a song that fit her style of music and I like it. 
The MV itself is quite okay. I don't like the guy who peek in on her (supposedly). I would totally feel weird that for sure. After watching the Eng Sub MV, I understood that it about lingerie. I actually didn't know about it at all, but the MV does fit with the song. 
Rate: 9/10

Orange Caramel - Abing Abing

Okay, Orange Caramel have some of the most unique concepts and style ever and I think Abing Abing match up to their style. It different than others but to Orange Caramel, I feel like it match them. It a bright song and the outfits are amazing. I mean the hats with ice cream and strawberries along with chocolate. Those ice cream in the MV itself already make me hungry for ice cream. 
I feel like somehow someway I hear a certain beats in the song that is similar to their song Bangkok City. Please tell me if you do too. I really want to know. I feel like it just me or something, but I do like this song.
Rate: 9/10

Fly To The Sky - You You You

Let start off with the fact that I love their voice and I am so happy to see them back. The song itself already made me love them already, but the MV made it better. The MV is different than the ones that I was watching before here (list of review here on this page). The storyline of this MV is super sad for me, because I'm an emotional person that all. Also because of the song too. 
The thing about this MV was that it reminded me of MBLAS 'It's War' MV. 
There is nothing bad about this MV or song. I hope everyone is looking forward to there return. 
Rate: 10/10

EXO - Overdose


Okay, this was a song that I was really wanting to watch and listen to before finals started but I waited so long and my friends kept bugging to listen to it. So finally I got to listen to it. First thing on my mind was, I feel like I was not going to like it at all. I think it was just the style of the music. But later on I got to sort of like it.
The MV start of with two members (one in each of the MV version) entering a maze-like. I was like why a maze first of all. It look scary. Then this was really a dance music video for sure, again very like SM - dancing in a box. But I do enjoy the dance, because again, the dance is very energetic and all the members was or seem very passionate. 
One thing I notice in the MV was that the EXO K or EXO M members sing parts in both versions but not live. Which make me thinks it weird actually. But I happen to love the E-X-O rapping part, similar to Growl, which I love. Also Xiumin rapping is amazing. 
Comparing both MV it very similar to each other. I do think it a song that you have to listen to repeatedly to like it or love it. Actually do become OVERDOSE by it. (LOL!) The dance scenes are very bright in the MV that it hurts my eye watching both MV but I do happen to like the lyrics and song. One reason why was because of the English lyrics and it sound very nice and sexy when the members sings it. (HAHA.)
Rate: 9.5/10

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