Sunday, August 2, 2015

[SOTW] Party, Check!

Let start off with the fact that my goddess are back! THEY ARE BACK! They were back a few weeks ago, and this post was suppose to go up the week of their comeback but it late, so I'm stilling going to post this too. 

Are you probably like who! Right! Or no! & Yes, I'm talking about SNSD!

They release their song Party and Check!

I addicted to Party! I'm been listening to it nonstop. They MV Review will be up soon. There nothing much more than 'I love this song' then I can possible say. They all look so good. 

I'm still debating about this song. It here and there for me but so far I'm sort of liking this song. It sort of sound like a song that 'Pussycat Dolls' would sing. I know, so Americanize right, but that the only group I can think of when I first heard this song. 

It even better that they sing and dance to this song live on a show, because I think it a pretty good song. 

There you have it. Thanks.

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