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LTA KPOP EP 83: Oh NO! Former Artists (from different agencies)

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For this Oh No! series post, we are talking about former artists under different agencies for example Cube, Starship, Star Empire etc. and etc. We are going to be talking about artists who left the group after contract ended with the company or artists who terminated their contracts.

Yoo Kyung debuted with A Pink under A Cube in 2011. She left the group and the agency in April 2013 to focus on her studies. In 2015, she was accepted to Chung-Ang University's Performance Film Creation department. 

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Lee Joon and Thunder debuted with MBLAQ in 2009 under J.Tune Entertainment. In October 2014, both Lee Joon and Thunder left the company and group after the expiration date of their contracts. Lee Joon is now sign to Prain TPC since 2015 and active as an actor starring in many roles since departed from MBLAQ. Thunder sign with APOP in December of 2014 but haven't been active since depart with MBLAQ but did a cameo appearance in his sister, 2NE1 Dara's 'We Broke Up.' 

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The trio of Epik High debuted in 2003 under Woollim Entertainment being the sunbae group to Infinite. Epik High parted with Woollim in 2009 and found Map The Soul, an independent record label. In 2010, Epik High came back to Woollim Entertainment and from 2010 to 2012, the members enter their military services. In September 2011, Tablo join YG Entertainment with a 4 year exclusive contract with YG. It was stated later in 2012, the other two members, DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin were no longer signed with Woollim. They are now signed with YG Entertainment and under their own label HIGHGRND.

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Co-Ed School is a group mix with female and male members that debuted under MBK Entertainment (Core Contents Media) in 2010. They were active from 2010 to 2011 as Co-Ed School. The group then split to form two groups F-ve Dolls (5Dolls) and Speed. F-ve Dolls debuted in 2011 and Speed debuted in 2012. In the late 2014, F-ve Dolls was disbanded and all the original female members from Co-Ed School depart the company. The member have gone through members change since split from Co-Ed School with members leaving the group and new members added to the group. 


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Bekah (Top Left), Kahi (Top Right), Soyoung (Bottom Left), and Jooyeon (Bottom Right) debuted with After School in 2009 with After School-now-leader Jungah as a five member group as the original After School group. Soyoung left the group in October 2009 after the six member was added to the group, being the first member to graduate from the group and can the group graduation system. She return as a actress in 2010 and been active since then playing roles in Dream High 2, along side Kahi, and High Society along side Uee. In July 2011, Bekah left the group to focus on her dream of becoming a designer. In 2012, Bekah made and sells handmade jewelry and in 2013, she made an appearance at KCON talking about her KPOP idol life. She later featured in one of Kahi track in her second album. Kahi was the officially leader until her depart in 2011. She then made a solo debut. She now left the agency and is active as a singer, model, and actress. Jooyeon departed with After School and the agency in December of 2014, but officially departed with After School in June 2015, due to Japan activities. She now under Better ENT, taking a new path in the acting industry. 

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Hello Venus made their debut in 2012 under Pledis Entertainment. Hello Venus was a group created through the partnership of Pledis and Fantagio with 4 members from Fantagio and 2 members from Pledis. In July of 2014, it was announced that their partnership have ended and the girls will return to their respective agencies. The 4 members with the name Hello Venus is under Fantagio and the other two members are under Pledis now. In November of 2014, Yoo Ara, the leader of Hello Venus left Pledis and is now Urban Works Entertainment. She hasn't been active but is making her musical debut soon in 2015. Yoonjo is still under Pledis, while the other 4 members are still active under Hello Venus and have added two new members making there comeback in the late 2014. 

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Kara debuted in 2007 under DSP Media with 4 members including Nicole. Jiyoung enter Kara in 2008, with current Kara member Goo Hara after one of the orignally member left in 2008. The group then became a 5 member group till 2014, when Nicole and Jiyoung contracts expire. Nicole left for the states to focus on improving her vocals and dance skills. She later in October 2014, signed with B2M Entertainment for her solo debut. She been active on variety shows in 2015. Jiyoung went to London to focus on acting and language skills. She later in 2014 signed by Japanese agency Sweet Power to resume her activities in Japan as an actress. 

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Seven (Se7en) made his debut in 2003 under YG Entertainment. He been in YG since his debut until after his discharge from military service. His contract expire in February 2015, and he is now under ELEVEN9 Entertainment. 

There you have it, some artists who left their debut agencies or their groups. Thanks a ton, and I am soooooooo sorry. I miss you guys too. Promise to be back next month, improving and trying to get everything together this month by getting more ideas and updating certain things here. 

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