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LTA KPOP EP 108: Produce 101 (Ep 11)

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In today LTA KPOP episode, lets finish off Produce 101 with the last episode. I been waiting for it to come out with English subtitles, but I already seen it live.

Episode 11

The episode begins with the showing the girls' audition tapes, as well as their final confessional interviews. An announcement is made that the viewers will now be able to send SMS votes for one girl only which will be added to online votes to determine the final line-up. Throughout the episode, the trainee currently ranked 11th is revealed every now and then as encouragement to get people to vote. The debut evaluation starts off with the eliminated trainees joining the top 22 for a performance of 'Pick Me.' Jang Keun Suk reveals the debut group name I.O.I debuting with a unique concept. The episode then flashes back tot eh guerilla concert held by the top 22 girls, where they performed their songs fromt he concept evaluation and eliminated trainee Show Works' Hwang In Sun acted as the MC. She also joined her concept evaluation group to performed the song '24 Hours' half way through the song too. A high-five event had been held with the first 500 people that arrived at the concert with Jellyfish's Kim Sejeong receiving the most high-fives.

The episode then cuts to the girls recording 'When the Cherry Blossoms Fade' produced by B1A4's Jinyoung who previously produce 'In The Same Place.' The girls are then shown preparing for their debut song, during which they surprise the trainers with thank you video messages, cake, and flowers. After the performance of 'CRUSH', the episode cuts to the girls interviewing one another, undergoing group photo shoots and finally reading letters they had written to themselves from earlier episodes. Voting comes to a close and ranking announcements begin. Pledis' Lim Nayoung, Jellyfish's Kang Mina, Fantagio's Kim Doyeon, MBK Jung Chaeyeon, Pledis Zhou Jieqiong (Pinky), Redline Kim Sohye, M&H Kim Chungha and Fantagio's Choi Yoojung came in 10th to 3rd place. Once again, JYP's Jeon Somi and Jellyfish's Kim Sejeong are called up as contenders for 1st and once again, JYP's Jeon Somi takes the win, confirming her positions as I.O.I's center. The contenders for 11th were Star Empire's Han Hyeri and Starship' Yu Yeunjung. Announceing Starship's Yu Yeunjung as the final I.O.I member. The episodes end with the trainees gathering on stage.

Top 22 + Trainees 'Pick Me' | Top 22 'When the Cherry Blossoms Fade'

Top 22 'Crush' | 'Crush' MV

Final Members 

Trainees who didn't make the final lineup

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Chungchun Music's Kang Sira | LOEN's Park Soyeon | DSP's Yoon Chaekyung

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Star Empire's Han Hyeri | MBK's Ki Heuihyeon | Jellyfish's Kim Nayoung

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The Music Works' Kim Sohee | CUBE's Jeon Soyeon | Pledis' Jung Eunwoo

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SS' Lee Suhyun | SS' Lee Haein

It great to see the final members of IOI, although I wish to see others trainees debut soon. All the trainees been wonderful and great, and I hope them the best. I looking forward to IOI debut in May and can't wait. Now, I can't wait for the boy version of Produce 101. 

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