Sunday, August 12, 2012

LTA KPOP EP 18 Top 10 Variety Show I Love

LTA KPOP EP 18 Top 10 Variety Show I Love

So other than loving the idols and the dramas and music, I also love watching variety shows. Sometimes you may think why do I really love it, well I think they are much more interesting than American variety shows and also others talking show too. Variety shows is make for my to laugh a lot too. Don't you just love laughing to all the things your bais does too. Okay let just get started then.

10. Immortal Song
Would you consider this a variety show? For me yes, I just don't know why. I love this show because it shows and give chance for vocalist of idols group or solo artists to really show they talent and vocals.

9. Star King
I know this is such a old picture but this was the only one I could find. Sorry. But I love this show when I first saw it because of Kang Hong Do because he just make everything so much fun.

8. Hello Baby

Who wouldn't love watching this show? It shows a lot of parenthood in the idols. 

7. Come To Play
This is just a great and wonderful show to watch.

6. Win Win

This is such a good talk show. I just enjoy it when Taeyeon and Wooyoung was still here and they play who ask the most questions win. It was just so much fun. But I still love it.

5. Happy Together
This is just so much fun and cause a lot of laughter that all.

4. Strong Heart
Of course, I miss these two people hosting it but I still love it a lot.

3. Invincible Youth
2. We Got Married

1. Running Man

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