Sunday, August 26, 2012

40 Day KPOP Challenge Day 40

Day 40 Your Top 10 Leaders & Maknaes

Yeah! I am finally done with this challenge:) I have to say this challenge was long. I notice some days are mix together on one post. I know. I hope you don't mind that all. But I have to say this was an okay challenge:) I hope you try it out. Okay so the last post for this challenge:) 

Okay so again if you haven't know that I post up my top number of leaders and maknaes on this blog already so I am just going to link it down here.

The top 10 leader post is kind of old and it back in March. It going to look different from then the other post. I will be updating those in a couple months or not exacting going to, if nothing changes. 

Top 10 Boys Maknaes ---> click here(:
Top 10 Girls Maknaes ---> click here<3
Top 10 Leaders (Boy&Girl) ---> click here:)

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