Monday, July 30, 2012

LTA KPOP EP 16 Top 10 Boy Maknaes

Okay, the last LTA KPOP post was on my top 10 girl group maknaes. This post will be for my top 10 boy group maknaes. Let just get started then okay.

10. EXO-K Sehun

9. 2PM Chansung

8. MBLAQ Mir

7. Big Bang Seungri

6. Shinhwa Andy

5. CNBlue Jungshin

4. Super Junior Kyuhyun

3. DBSK Changmin

2. Boyfriend Minwoo

1. SHINee Taemin

So I hope you enjoy this post of my top 10 favorite boy group maknaes. It was okay, not so hard to pick my favorites at all. Some on the other groups maknaes that was on my list was Beast Dongwoon, Infinite Sungjong, Teen Top Changjo, U-Kiss Dongho, FT Island Minhwan, BTOB Sungjae, BAP Zelo and Nu'est Mikni(Ren). So leave a comment down below telling me your favorite boy group maknaes. Thanks.


  1. eum, sorry.. I just want to say something.. photo number 6 on the left, is micky yoochun, isn't right?

  2. I just want a comment, photo number 6 on the left side, micky yoochun JYJ isn't?

    1. OMG!:) Thank for noticing that:) Minhae (Sorry)
      I think I was in a rush when I click on my pictures. Again, Thanks every much:)