Thursday, July 26, 2012

LTA KPOP EP 14 Top 15 Favorite Debut Song

When you think to the beginning of a KPOP idols, you think of their debut days where they were rookie in the entertainment world. Debut songs are songs that really catch my attention if I like them at first or not. There was of course, some debut songs that aren't so great but there was of course some that everyone love.  Now in days, there are some idol group that I don't know or like or never heard of before, but there is of course their other hit songs that I do listen to, but there debut song made not be something that caught my attention at all, when that group debuted. Some group debut songs may be a hit while others may not so be at all. But I am going to be telling you my top 15 favorite debut songs of all, since I started to become a kpop lover.

15.Tara - Lies
This song was a great start for Tara. I didn't like the fact that Qri didn't get any lines at all and also Eunjung only got some lines. Hyomin, on the other hand got a lot of lines, and I wished that they would of make it fair enough for the members.

14. G.NA - Ill Back Off So You Would Have A Better Life
This song caught my attention when I first heard of it, because I guess it was something so emotional that I like it. Also, this was a great start for G.NA. Also as a solo artist this song was a lot harder too. I love the fact that it did feature BEAST Junhyung in the song too.

13. Juniel - Illa Illa
I actually love this song a lot after listening to it like million of times, I guess. Such a great artist, and also love the fact that she plays the guitar too with this song.

12. F(x) - La Cha Ta
This song didn't catch my attention other than the chorus, which was somewhat catchy to me. But after hearing it for a while, it turns out I did love this song.

11. Ailee - Heaven
Such a great song for Ailee, as a solo artist and a rookie. This shows her strong vocals. I have actually love Ailee since watching Dream High 2, and went to look for her on youtube and found amazing videos of her covers. I love her cover of Halo a lot and found out that she debuted as a singer.

10. 4Minute - Hot Issue
This song was catchy to me, I actually started to listen to it after hearing it the first time. 

9. SISTAR - Push Push
Push Push Baby~ This was catchy for me when the song started at the beginning, at first I happen to not like it at all, but after hearing it for a while, I did like it a lot. Nothing bad about this at all.

8. Boyfriend - Boyfriend
This is such a cute song. I love it when I heard of it. This song actually represent who they are, funny right. But I do love this song a lot.

7. After School - Ah!
When I saw this group, I though of the Pussy Cat Doll. I love this group a lot since then, but I love their debut song, because it was so strong. 

6. 2PM - 10 Points Out Of 10
This song was super catchy and easy to follow a long with. Nothing bad at all.

5. SHINee - Replay
I actually of this song a lot. The beat was something that caught my attention to this group and song.

4. Miss A - Good Girl Bad Girl
This song was a song that I didn't like at all at first. I didn't like the group nor the song at all too. But as I sometime to listen to see the group more, I started to love and like this group a lot. 

3. EXID - Whoz That Girl
This group was a group that I have never heard of before, until I was watching a weekly top charts video on youtube and got to listen to the chours of this song. I love the song a lot. It have such strong vocals and strong rapping skills too. I think that was a really good start for this rookie group.

2. APink - I Don't Know
I actually love this song a lot when I heard of it. This actually make me think, oh they could become the next SNSD, if so. This group was a group that I love since their debut.

1. SNSD - Into The New World
I love this song a lot. One of the best songs from SNSD. This is the song that started SNSD. It show their innocent years which I miss a lot. This song is catchy starting from the beginning of the songs already. The chorus is super catchy too and when you think about it, it is a song you just want to get up and dance too. 

I hope you enjoy it, sorry if I keep on repeating myself in each little thing. Also I love all of these idol group too. There was a lot of debut song that I really like too like, Wonder Girls - Irony, CNBlue - Loner etc. I hope you would tell me your favorite debut songs. Thanks.<3

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