Sunday, July 15, 2012

[Reviews] Tara, Super Junior, 2NE1, Teen Top, Jo Kwon, Wooyoung, Wonder Girls

Well, let start off with a lot of reviews that I have to do. I know some reviews are late, but I put a lot of thinking to actually did this review while watching all the music video including the dance version etc. and also the live version of each of the songs. Except for one, I guess. Well let just get start. Also if you have a song that you would like for me to review, please feel free to comment down below and let me know. Thanks.

Tara - Day By Day
At first I kind of already know that this music video is more like a acting scene for them because that is what Tara have been doing for their past songs like Roly-Poly and Lovely-Dovey. It was a very nice song to start off with. The dancing was okay, but I have to say that this song seem like it shouldn't require a dance to it at all because the dance didn't seem to match it at all, or to me the most. In the video there member Dani appear in it along with Hyomin, Jiyeon and later on Eunjung. In the beginning the video gave me a thought or a flashback of Final Fantasy with the background and motorcycle too. The movie was super long which I didn't really like because it didn't have anything to do with the song at all. Also there was a lot of killing scenes in it too. Hyomin went red head while Jiyeon went blonde. It seem like the members of Tara change there hair colors because not only that but Qri went blonde with strike. I love the song though but that was some part that I didn't seem to like it at all. The new member got more lines then Eunjung and Soyeon in the song. Soyeon is the main vocalist but she get less lines then Hyomin and the new member in this song. I still love them all but sometime it not so fair to have only one person who keep on singing and singing the lines. Also I kind of wish to see the other members appear in the music video other than the dancing version of the song. In the dancing version of the video I love all the solo shots and dancing shots but I have to say that it was annoy  with all the flash and everything and shot changing each seconds.  
Rate: 8/10
Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single
Okay, I have to say I really was waiting for this comeback of all because I love Super Junior, but I was kind of disappoint with some things of it. I love the beginning of the music video and the song. I love the beat of the song but that part that I didn't like so much was that I guess I didn't really understood the music video at all because it just have the solo shots along with the dancing shots and that all. I kind of wish for it to have some what of a concepts to the music video. I was so happy to see Kangin coming back in this song and hello I miss him a lot. Also I was sad that he only got like a 7 second shot of him only. But so happy to see him back in Super Junior. Also Shindong and Sungmin went blonde. :) It wasn't such a surprise at all. I love all the solo shots but didn't like the outfits at all. It doesn't seem so fashionable at all. Also I hate those ad at the bottom of the video. Come on SM, I love you guys, but those ad are becoming annoy to me. Also at the end of the music video there some scene where they put in a kind of ish anime style moving part in the music video which look so weird and didn't really match at all. The song was overall good to hear. It sounded really different, but I didn't really understand the part "Sexy, Free and Single, I'm ready too, Bingo." XD
Rate: 8/10
2NE1 - I Love You
The music video give off a Chinese feeling to me with those umbrella and the Chinese looking Lateran. I like to beginning of the song but the part I think that wouldn't have to be in the song would be the part where they sing "I Love You" because it really have to meaning. To tell the truth I prefer "Ugly" and "Lonely" over this song. I have to say I do love Dara new hair style but it would of match better with CL. I love the fashion in this music video. It give out a lot of fashion with clothes and jewelries and shoes too. I have to say that Minzy it to sexy in this video with her dancing. I love Park Bom eyelashes, the scene with her in the blue eyelashes in the beginning-ish. There wasn't much of the dancing scene in the video at all, but I didn't really like the dancing at all.
Rate: 7/10
2AM Jo Kwon - I'm Da One 
Yea, so happy to see Jo Kwon finally do a solo debut. This song is very catchy and I was okay with the dance. It was really good to see Jo Kwon dance because most of 2AM song were ballad. Love his acting in the video. This video is a story like video similar to Tara story video to their songs. I think he really match the color pink a lot, and every other color he wear int he music video. I didn't really get the story of the video but I was okay, because it wasn't so long at all. 
Rate: 9/10
2PM Wooyoung - Sexy Lady
Well, I am happy to see Wooyoung do his solo debut too. Finally, I have to say that this video is just to sexy. Wooyoung look very sexy, I have to say. He went blonde which look very good on him. I love the song and the dance along with the video too. My favorite part of the video would have to be when he roll down the window of the car at the beginning of the video. His English sounded very nice too.
Rate: 9/10
Teen Top - To You
Well, this is my very first song that I have listen to form Teen Top and it sounded very good. I love the song and the dance too. This song is very catchy in the chorus part, my favorite part. This song was produced by Brave Sounds because they introduce them self with Teen Top and it remind me SISTAR songs, in which Brave Sound produced a lot for SISTAR songs. I have nothing bad to say about this song at all.  I love all the group and solo shots in the video.
Rate: 9/10
Wonder Girls - Like Money (America Single)
This video seem very interesting from the beginning in which I hated the beginning because of all the starch of the video. It seem like the concept of the music video was very space and alien like. They were like put together and sent to earth. The song didn't match the music video at all. The dance seemed okay, but not the best. It was nice that Akon was featured in the song but I wanted more of Wonder Girls voice. I love the song though and the surprise was JYP appear in the music video too. XD
Rate: 9/10 

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