Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Monthly Fave] July Fave 2012

Hey, I decide to do a monthly favorites like how beauty gurus does their monthly favorites but I am just going to be posting about kind of what have happen this month for me. I hope you enjoy it too. 

So let start off with a playlist of the songs I have been listening to. I know some songs are old but this are the songs that I have been listening to this month a lot.

KPOP Songs:
After School: Diva, Shampoo, Flashback, Take Me To The Place, When I Fall, Lady
SNSD: Gee, Tell Me Your Wish, Twinkle, Library, Oh, Run Devil Run, Mr. Taxi, Time Machine, The Boys,  If, I Love You, Missing You Like Crazy
Ailee: Heaven
SISTAR: Shady Girl, Ma Boy, Loving U, Alone, Lead Me
2PM: 10 Points Out Of 10, Without U
2NE1: Lonely, You & I, Don't Cry
4Minute: Mirror Mirror, Bubble Pop
Hello Venus: Venus
EXID: Whoz That Girl
C-REAL: Sorry But I
APink: I Don't Know, Hush, My My
Teen Top: To You
Big Bang: Lies
BTOB: Irresistable Lips
MBLAQ: It's War
Juniel: Illa Illa, Fool (ft. CNBlue Yonghwa)
F(x): Electric Shock, La Cha Ta
BoA: Only One
SMTOWN: Dear My Family
EXO: History
Tara: Day By Day
Wonder Girls: Like This, Be My Baby, Nobody, Like Money (ft. Akon)

Now, lets go to the drama and movie part. I have been watching some drama and movie a lot too. Of course, they some that I do love and like but some that I don't like at all. 

Finish Watching:
BIG (Shin WonHo, Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, Bae Suzy) Review
I Do, I Do (Kim Sun Ah, Lee Jang Woo, Im Soo Hyang, Park Gun Hyang)

Currently Watching:
The Gentlemen Dignity

Want To Watch Next:
To The Beautiful You (SHINee Minho & F(x) Sulli)
Moon Embraces The Sun (Tell Me If I Should Watch It)
When Love Walk In (Taiwanese Drama Ft. F(x) Victoria)

*** Also I finish my first Japanese Movie ever. It was the first Japanese Movie I ever watch. You can click here for a review of the movie, I watch.***

This month I finish my Super Junior 30 Day Challenge. The last post happened on July 1st, click here for the post. I also happen to finish the last 10 days for my SNSD 30 Day Challenge too. The post are also here you may click on Day 21Day 22Day 23Day 24Day 25Day 26Day 27Day 28Day 29, and Day 30. Also if you didn't know, I finish this Challenges late because I was gone in June for a camp that I got into. I did a blog post on my other blog about my experience and what we did there. If you want to read and see pictures you can click here:)<3 for the post. During this month, I also have been trying to finish my fanfics that I started in 2011. So I finally finish the story a year later. I started last year but I didn't finish writing it until this year school ended in June. Then it took some times to actually get it written online for the people whom wanted to read them. If you want to read my story please click here:)<3 to read it. This mains of this story is actually Taiwanese people. I didn't want to change the characters at all so I decide to keep it the same. Please also leave me comments too.

 I decide too also bring back "Let Talk About KPOP" (LTA KPOP) to my blog post. I have actually first did them in videos but it took a lot of time to actually record and edit them all, so I started to do blog post instead. 

I also did reviews this month too. You can check it out by clicking the links down below.
BoA - Only One Dance Version & Drama Version

I also started another Challenge which is the 40 Day KPOP CHALLENGE. I hope you also try it out too. Not such a good challenge but something I like. :) I already did 15 Day for this month. You can click here for the list of the challenge and the links too. 

Also started the Song of the Week on this blog too. I have only 2 for this month only because I decide to started it late. 07/16/2012 - 07/23/2012 HERE! & 07/24/2012 - 07/30/2012 HERE:)

And a birthday shout out to Hwang Tiffany of SNSD. Her birthday is August 1st. (Post of SHOUT OUT!)

Also this month biggest problem and HOT topic is all about TARA!!!!! Such big news came out. Find out for yourself or if you already know leave me a comment on this post. I want to hear more from you guys. All news I know about is from allkpop.com. Thanks. 

I hope you enjoy this monthly faves post. Not the best I guess, but thanks for taking time to read it. 

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