Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LTA KPOP EP 11 SNSD Bais and Loves

Well, I haven't done a Let Talk About KPOP (LTA KPOP) episode in a super lone time since, I guess April. I decide not to do videos about this inside but do blog post only. So Sorry, I haven't have enough time to do the editing and recording, I think it better if I just do blog post instead. 

So episode 11 is about SNSD bais:) If you don't know, I LOVE LOVE SNSD:)<3 But I do have a bais in SNSD too. Instead of writing my favorites in order of my top bais, I would just write about why I love them or each member:) Okay let start.

SNSD Taeyeon

Taeyeon is the leader and one of the main vocalist in the group. I have to tell you that I love her. She is one of my bais of the group actually my number 1 bais of the group. I love her voice so much and also how cute she is. She is really dorky:)

SNSD Jessica

Jessica is one of the main vocalist in the group. I love the fact that she is very straight forward. She also very cold (ice princess). I love the way she act with her sister and also how they treat each other. I really think she could be funny with out her SICE EFFECT!

SNSD Sunny

I love Sunny, because she is super bright and cute:) I love the fact that she is one of the most funniest member of SNSD and also I have to say that she could be successful as a gagman. 

SNSD Tiffany

I love Tiffany, because she so Americanize. If one day I meet them, I think and know that I would be able to talk to her because I could speak English with her. She also adorable with her eye smile:)<3 

SNSD Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon is our dancing queen in the group. I love how she could dance and actually I love her for being such a kid, acting like a kid to be exact. She so adorable:)


Yuri, our sexy lady. She is consider one of the sexiest ladies of girl group. I love the dorkyiness and cutestness Yuri do. 

SNSD Sooyoung

Sooyoung, the tallest of all the members. She eats a lot and doesn't get fat. I love that. I wish I could do that too. I have to say I love Sooyoung for her imitation. 

SNSD Yoona

Yoona, the actress of the group and visual. She handle does status well enough. I am so jealous of her to be consider many ideal type and also act out drama with such great and good actors too. 

SNSD Seohyun

Seohyun, the youngest member of the group. My second bais. She adorable in her own way, I have to say. I enjoy her being the wife of CNBlue Yonghwa in the variety show We Got Married. I really wish they be together for real. 

Okay, that it. Hope you guys enjoy it:)
Well be doing another tomorrow to make up for you guys. 
I haven't deiced how often I want to make this post yet.

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