Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Japanese Movie Tribute:)

Well, Hello there. Today, July 11, 2012, I have watch my first ever Japanese movie. I don't watch Japanese movie nor drama at all. I don't have anything against it but I have seen a couple of scenes from different drama or movies only. I fully finish watching the movie call "Akai Ito" which inculded Nao Minamisawa, Junpei Mizobata, Ryo Kimura, Anna Ishibashi, and Yanagishita Tomo. It was very interesting at first but then it kind of got boring somehow. I didn't really like there main girl as much as I like her on the cover of the movie. There was some part that I really love, like knowing that they knew each other since they were young and also the point that she gave the little chocolate thing to him in the beginning because it was his birthday. I love the fact that they have the same birthday and also were fated to be with each other. The others people along with the mains they were somewhat okay. There was some characters that I didn't really like or some that I think won't be need to be in the scene at all.

After looking it up on google to find more information it actually a drama not a movie. But when I watch it, it sound more better as a movie then a drama at first. Also this story was based on a best-selling novel in 2007 which involves around the "red thread of fate" connecting. This was actually aired/broadcast back in the 2008. Until now, I barely knew of this drama here because of my friend who lead me borrow the drama from her. Thanks.

I actually think it was a good start to watch Japanese movie/drama, but I still have something about Japanese movies that I can't figure out why I don't watch them at all. But I will start and try to watch some.

xoxo, Linda<3

Notes: I would be doing some MV reviews for T-ara, Super Junior, 2NE1, Jo Kwon, Wooyoung, Teen Top. I know that I should of done them right after they came out but I was to busy to even watch them yet:) & Also if there any other you wish for me to review, PLEASE let me know:) Thanks.

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