Thursday, July 19, 2012

LTA KPOP EP 12 What If...?

So let play a what if game? Yes. No. I guess so. So let start playing okay:)

The question is: What if you join We Got Married, who do you wish to be pair up with?

Okay, these were my picks out of all the people:) [No order at all]

MBLAQ Seungho
MBLAQ Thunder
2PM Taecyeon
2PM Wooyoung
Super Junior Shindong
BEAST Kikwang
Big Bang Taeyang
Big Bang G Dragon
Boyfriend Youngmin
Boyfriend Donghyun
CNBlue Jonghyun
Infinite Sunggyu
Infinite L
SHINee Onew
SHINee Minho
SPEED/Co-Ed School Yoosung
Jay Park
Lee Seung Gi

It was actually very hard to pick. I spend so much time picking my top 10 then top 5 and then top 3 and finally putting down my first choice.

10. MBLAQ Thunder

9. Infinite L

8. SHINee Minho

7. 2PM Wooyoung

6. Lee Seung Gi

5. CNBlue Jonghyun

4. 2PM Taecyeon

3. Boyfriend Youngmin

2. SHINee Onew

1. MBLAQ Seungho

& Yep, those are my top 10 choices. I hope you enjoy it and also let me know who are your choices. I actually only consider idols/singer for this one only, but I don't know if I would be doing a actor one later or not. Thanks:)

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