Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[Review] Wonder Girls - Nobody (Japanese)

So were you guys prepare for the "Nobody" dance again this time. It came as a hit on me, because I didn't know that Wonder Girls were going to be promoting "Nobody" in Japan too. I guess it not actually promoting but just releasing the song in Japanese version because the song actually have been released in Korea, English and Chinese already.

I can't compare the clothes and music video at all. They have similar things in common. There the part where they zoom out into a TV but then zoom back in to it too. Also the beginning of the music video where they were in the plane in their neon dress. I actually though that was a good idea because it was release in the summer and neon are actually a trending thing right now. I actually love the neon dress a lot because other "Nobody" dress look the same at all. Later they have on a gold dress which was similar to others "Nobody" dance dress that they have.

I have nothing bad to say about this at all, because I love the song "Nobody" and even if they released it in a different language I will still love it:)


Check out the music video down below:)

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