Friday, July 27, 2012

LTA KPOP Ep 15 Top 10 Girl Maknaes

When you first get to see an idol group, you want to know everything from the oldest to the youngest. The leader and their position in the group and I do mean everything. Well right not let focus on are youngest members. This episode will be toward the girl groups and the next episode will be for the boys. Let get started then.

10. 2NE1 Minzy

9. Secret Sunhwa

8. 4Minute Sohyun

7. APink Hayoung

6. SISTAR Dasom

5. F(x) Krystal

4. Kara Jiyoung

3. Miss A Suzy

2. Wonder Girls Hyerim

1. SNSD Seohyun

So let me know who is your favorite maknaes or your favorite maknaes of all. There was a lot of them that I like but didn't make the list like, Hello Venus YooYoung, After School Gaeun, EXID Junghwa, C-Real Lenny and Rainbow Hyunyoung. The boy group will be coming up next. I think I will post it up tomorrow, if I have time. Thanks.


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