Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello:) It September!!


Well it been a super long time since I post something, I am super sorry:) I been super busy starting with school and everything that involved with school:) I don't even have time to actually watch that much drama and do everything I use to do now since it going to be my last year in high school. I been trying to keep up with everything, I promise I would be posting things soon, I promise, on this blog and on my other blog. Check that out!!!

I was planning on doing some more KPOP Challenges this month and see how it goes, but it was late to started it so I planning for it next week:) Also I didn't want to do the monthly faves things anymore, because I notice you could just look onto the side and know it already. Either I don't have to much time in the morning nor in the afternoon to do "song of the week" nor even post.

But again, I promise you I would be posting more and more, when I have the time. I might even be posting more than 3 or 4 blog post in one day just to make up for the time I am missing:)


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