Thursday, June 20, 2013

MV Reviews

I haven't done these in a long time so I decide to post or do some review and just make one post. A super long post, how about that. I know it been crazy since I haven't been posting up a lot but now it summer. I will try to do some reviews of some music video or song that I remember. Let me know below which one should I review next. Well....Let's get started.

Secret - Yoohoo
This is a very cute song, I became addict to it after hearing it the first time. There was a lot of things happening in the music video that I think didn't went along with the song but I love the music video because of all the great scenes they have. I love the dancing scene where they were up on this very high cliff and they could see the ocean down below. All there outfits looks really cute too.

EXO - Wolf
This song was not an addiction to me at all, but I have grown to like it after hearing it a couple of times. I don't think I would really listen to this song much. The music video seem very similar to other SM music video. But I do have to say I love the dance, it is very different from others. I am also glad that both EXO-K and EXO-M came together for this one. Both the Korean and Chinese seems the same to me just the song I guess. I happen to don't like one over another at all. It sound really weird for me to hear the EXO-M members singing in Korean and the EXO-K members to sing in Chinese but I like it. Music video itself is a set inside a building to me like others SM music videos, nothing to change about it.

Henry - Trap
I love the beginning with him playing the piano. The music video really seem like a set in a building again similar to others SM music video. It my first time hearing the song right now as I am writing this post and I happen to like this song. I think it is his voice that really attract me. Also it features SHINee Taemin and Super Junior Kyuhyun in it too. It was amazing that Taemin just pop out of no where but it was kind of nice to see him. The dance is very nice too. At some point in the music video, Henry looks like Se7en in it. I think it is just me but I really do think so. I really do like this song a lot.

SNSD - Love&Girls [Dance Ver.]
You guys may know I am in love with these ladies here, so there is nothing bad for me in this music video. I love this music video, it is just so fun. I love the bright colors and how the scene is outside in not a building set. I love the mob of girls (I didn't see any boy) dancing with them. I love the shampoo dance. Although this is a Japanese song, I still like it. Nothing bad about this song.

SKarf - Luv Virus
I think this song is very cute and adorable. It my first time hearing a song from this group and I am really impress by this song. I happen to really like the chorus of the song. The music video is very cute too. I love all the scenes of the music video, it seems like a dream for me.

After School - First Love
This is something that was like I have to see. Dancing with poles, something that you don't really see in KPOP at all. Something new to try, although this was something new to me, seeing them do these, it was something I was okay with. The song is amazing, I love the song. The dancing was somewhat off but I grow to like the dancing, not love it. It was something out of the blue I have to say, but it is something nice. I don't have anything against it at all, but somehow my attention will be going toward the dance when seeing the music video or the live performance then listening and focusing on the song.

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