Thursday, June 20, 2013

Which EXO member is similar to you?

Have you ever wonder which EXO member is similar to you? I mean I have. Seriously and since I have a bias in this group makes it harder because you so want to be similar to your bias but sometimes you aren't. Well why don't you check out who I am similar to below and you try it out too. Then tell me who you are similar too. Thanks.

[] You like golf
[x] You're polite and considerate 
[] Favorite movie is Pirates of the Carribean
[] You're good at making honey water
[x] Always checking up on friends and family for problems
[] Like acting
[x] Weak with personal talents
[] You're favorite song from EXO's album is Angel/Into Your World
[] You like to read on your free time
[] You're born in May
TOTAL: 3/10

[] You play the piano well
[x] Used to be in a school band
[x] You're bright and cheerful
[x] You like to socialize
[x] Fashion style is usually tidily casual
[] Favorite types of movies: SF, fantasy, action
[] You're into acting
[] You can sing very high 
[] You think eyeliner makes you look feminine
[x] You're a hardcore girl group lover
TOTAL: 5/10

[] You can play many instruments
[] You can rap
[] You're a romantic person
[x] Habit of following rhythms with your hands
[x] Bright person with positive personality
[] Passionate about learning and playing different instruments 
[x] Your voice is charming
[x] Laugh out of nowhere
[] You can beatbox
[] Favorite color is black
TOTAL: 4/10

[x] Like to be clean
[] You like to cook
[x] You're a quiet person
[] You're deep on the inside
[] You're a sharp person
[] Habit of humming songs
[] Favorite food: Spaghetti
[x] You have great English Pronunciation
[] You take vocal lessons 
[x] Style: Casual
TOTAL: 4/10

[] Dancing machine
[] Dark skin 
[x] Bossy
[] Really good at games
[x] Can't express feelings that well
[x] Warm-hearted
[] Habit of licking/biting lips
[] Likes shirts with characters on it
[] You have a dog(s)
[] You know ballet 
TOTAL: 3/10

[] You have a lisp
[] You're the youngest amongst your friends
[x] You love to cry
[x] Habit of sticking tongue out
[x] Shy at first, lively when well-known
[] Can't stay still
[x] You're not scheming/manipulative
[] You like to dress neat
[x] You like sushi and meat
[] You like colors black and white
Total: 5/10

[x] You have a chubby face
[] You're strong
[x] You're clean and neat
[x] You want a huggable person
[] You like ballads the most
[x] People mistake you as Chinese
[] You have a cute grin
[] Your favorite song from their album is MAMA
[] You have cute nicknames
[x] You make a lot of cute/funny gestures 
TOTAL: 5/10

[] Mistaken that you're younger than you really are 
[] Easy going
[x] Don't like it when people are on your bed
[] Rubik Cube genius
[x] Like simple clothes
[] Favorite sport is soccer 
[x] Very lazy
[x] Catch colds easily
[] Natural curly hair 
[] Scared of heights
TOTAL: 4/10

[x] Tallest amongst your friends
[] Like reading inspirational books
[x] Very social
[] You sleep talk
[] Can do magic tricks 
[x] Naive
[x] Obedient
[] Favorite song from their mini album is What Is Love 
[] Fashion King/Queen
[x] You know more than one language
TOTAL: 5/10

[] You can play more than one instrument
[] An all-rounder
[] Naughty
[x] Funny at times
[x] Forgetful
[] Can cook very good 
[] Slow reaction
[] Training maniac
[x] Like eating junk food
[] You can't keep a secret
TOTAL: 3/10 

[] Specialty is singing high notes
[x] You give an impression of gentleness
[x] You like to wear simple clothes
[] You have a powerful voice
[x] You can play the piano
[x] Gentle
[] You have a soft laugh
[x] You're a bit shy
[] Born in September
[] Favorite song from their album is MACHINE
TOTAL: 5/10

[] Likes to take care of their body
[] Knows wushu
[] Likes to take long walks on the beach
[] Likes cats
[x] Likes drinking Starbucks Coffee
[x] Conservative person
[x] Sensitive
[x] Like Western Food
[x] Favorite color is blue
[] Full of aegyo
TOTAL: 5/10

Suho: 3
Baekhyun: 5
Chanyeol: 4
D.O: 4
Kai: 3
Sehun: 5
Xiumin: 5
Luhan: 4
Kris: 5
Lay: 3
Chen: 5
Tao: 5

Well I am very similar to many of the members:) What about you?

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