Thursday, September 19, 2013

20 KPOP Question Tag

1. What group got you into Kpop?

I am going to say the truth, it was Big Bang's Haru Haru and Lies. 
2. What is your bias group right now?
Girls' Generation all the way!!!
3. Has Kpop hindered your life in any way? (like with friends, family, etc..)
Yes, in many ways. My life from family (well that doesn't matter since we do nothing), friends (not going to care much too since internet have taken over) and just time itself. 
4. Whats your favorite Kpop song of all time? what about right now?
Favorite song of all time have to be SNSD's Gee and Genie. My favorite song right now is Kara Runaway.
5. Do you like Kpop songs from 2008, and back? if not, why?
Yes, I do, somewhat like SES My Girl to FinKL Forever and HOT Candy. I mean DBSK and Super Junior along with Big Bang debuted before 2008 along with Wonder Girls and SNSD. 
6. g.o.d. or H.O.T. which do you prefer? if you don't know who these groups are skip it.
I perfer HOT since I like one of there songs but I haven't heard any of GOD songs yet.
7. Do you like Big Bang? Super Junior? DBSK? SS501? U-Kiss? BEAST? MBLAQ? or do you only support girl groups?
Yes I like Big Bang, Super Junior, DBSK, BEAST, U-Kiss and MBLAQ! And Yes, I support the girl groups a lot too. 
8. Wonder Girls, SNSD, Kara, or CSJH The Grace?
All of them! 
9. BoA or Lee Hyori?
Ouch that a hard one, but I am going to say BoA!
10. SE7EN or Rain?
Ouch another hard one too. Aish... **thinking really hard** I am going to say Rain.
11. TOP, GD, or both?
12. What group do you hate? why?
I don't hate a group at all other than I just never heard or like there song that all.
13. Who's you favorite member of SNSD? (Its impossible to hate all of them)
OMG I love them all. I can never hate them at all. They are my favorite group of girls ever. My favorite member is the dorky leader Taeyeon but I love them all.
14. What fan club irritates you the most?
I really don't care as long as the fan club members don't cause problems. 
15. In your opinion, what fan club is the calmest?
I don't really know at all.
16. Have you heard of Teen Top or INFINITE? who do you like better?
I heard of both of the group before and I listen to them too. I really don't know, I think I like them both equally.
17. Have you heard of Outsider? do you like his music?
Nope, never heard of him before.
18. What's your favorite song dedicated to fans?
I am going to say SNSD Forever.
19. What fanclub scares you the most?
Lots of them, but I could never say it.
20. Name your top 10 biases.
I wouldn't even start at all. I mean too many. But to be fair I will name my biases from different groups to be fair.

SNSD Taeyeon
2PM Taecyeon
EXO Suho
Wonder Girls Yenny
Secret Jieun
APink Bomi
Boyfriend Youngmin
Infinite Hoya
MBLAQ Thunder

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