Monday, September 2, 2013

[MV Review] Sunmi, Henry, & K Hunter

So a new month starting with a review that should of been put up a while ago. Here it is with Wonder Girls former member coming back as a solo artist Sunmi, along with Super Junior M member Henry with his comeback song after Trap was a successful and newly loveable and adorable rookie solo artist K Hunter.

Sunmi – 24 Hours
Matter of fact, I love Sunmi so much ever since her Wonder Girls days of course. This was one of the most anticipation comeback to wait for and I am so happy to see her back. First thought about her comeback was great and I really wanted to see her again. I even tweeted about her comeback. The song was great, I love it but the dance was just crazy. I love the dance but when I first saw the dance moves my head was like, what happen if it get banned. I mean seriously have we not seen enough dance and or music video banned from those broadcasting companies. At the same time I happen to love the song. It was the song for her just like how she mention it in an interview. All I have to say is that it great to see her back and wonderful that she still in touch with all the Wonder Girls member.

Henry – 143 & Trap
Henry is adorably cute. He have the greatest smile ever to point this out. The song is really catchy just like his song Trap. With this song featuring F(x) Amber it just make it even cuter. I mean there is nothing bad about this song at all.

Talking about Trap, I know I already did a review but her just release the English version of Trap and it sounds quiet nice too. Sometimes the lyrics doesn't make any sense but after all the there is nothing bad to talk about the English version at all other then the fact that Taemin and Kuyhyun didn't get to be feature in the song.

K Hunter – Marry Me
This music video is just so cute. I mean watching it the whole entire time I was saying to myself that this video is so cute. I seriously mean it. It so adorable with the child actors and then at the end Apink Bomi pop out. You know me, I love Bomi. Also saying he is so cute too himself. I have never listen to his song, but I think he is a rookie idol too. The dance itself is so cute with the couples and it goes really really well with the song too.

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