Monday, January 6, 2014

LTA KPOP EP 21 - Top 5 Lee Min Ho Drama

I want to start LTA KPOP (Let Talk About KPOP) episodes again:) So what better way is to start it off 2014 with one! Now let's begin!

So Lee Min Ho have been the hype this year of 2013 because of 'The Heirs' and so I decide to let you guys know my favourite Lee Min Ho's dramas that he have act in before.

5. Personal Taste
This one is number 5 because, while I was watching this drama, I didn't like it very much at all. It didn't catch my eyes at all. Although Lee Min Ho acted as a gay guy to live in the girl house, I still didn't like the drama. I don't think it really wasn't because of the drama itself, but the characters that play in the drama too. No other worries, it still made it to the top 5 though. 

4. I Am Sam
I bet most of you guys are like, he was in this drama. Yes, he was, this is where he actually first meet Park Min Young. Although he isn't the main lead, he was very good looking and handsome when he was young. I mean it explains a lot of things. It a great start to look at him in this drama then to go to some of his top hits drama. 

3. City Hunter
Talking about Park Min Young in 'I Am Sam', he also play this wonderful drama with her as the main leads. This is one of Lee Min Ho's (I consider) must seen drama. You just got to love the action, I mean I sometimes hate action dramas/movies where they fight majority of the time, but I mean, this is really good. What really got me into it the great scenes and all the crazy thing Lee Min Ho do. 

2. The Heirs
Why is this on my list? Why is this number 2? The truth is that I really like this drama, but it does get annoy at some of the other characters. I mean I love some of the other characters too, but Lee Min Ho plays such a better person here in this drama. Plus who wouldn't love this drama, since it has some of the other good looking and gorgeous people in there. Even though it haven't finish airing (when I am writing this) I feel that this drama would still be in my top 5 of Lee Min Ho's drama ever, and if it end of well, I think it could potentially move up to be number 1 on this list. Now that it is finish airing, this could stay at number two, since the ending wasn't the best, I think. I mean the ending could be way better, but I just love the characters including Lee Min Ho in this drama.

1. Boys Over Flowers
Boys Over Flowers have been such a big hit that it still a hit and most watch drama ever for new Korean lovers or any Lee Min Ho's fans. This is number 1 because it has all four fabulous looking guys here in one drama and Lee Min Ho finally gets to play such an arrogant rich guy. Nothing more to say about this drama other than, it bigger such a big hit. 

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