Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LTA KPOP EP 23 - MV Review

It been a while and a lot of great new songs here that I haven't review yet. So to not disappoint you guys, I am going to review a lot of MV that I haven't watch yet, nor listen to just for you guys! The MV Review will be split between 2 or parts at least, so Enjoy!

Let's start off with Ailee - Singing Got Better.

I actually really love this song, I think it was because of her strong vocals and and the music instruments that the song have. The MV it self have MBLAQ Lee Joon in it which was okay. I person didn't understand the MV itself the first time until I read the English sub lyrics to while watching the MV. I love the story line to this MV a lot. She look really pretty in the MV too.

Rate: 10/10

APink - Good Morning Baby

The MV itself is just behind the scenes to their photo shoot. The song it self was adorable and very cutey-like. I love how they start the song with all of them saying 'Good Morning Baby'. I mean I bet a lot of us (APINK FANS) put that as their Alarm for the morning.

Rate: 9/10

TVXQ - Something

The MV to this song is amazing and awesome. All the sets look great but I personal didn't like the set with all the interments flying around. Another scene I love was the dancing scenes with all of great edits come in. It look really cool and awesome. At the beginning and throughout the MV, you see them have tatoos which was like crazy, I mean those were some pretty looking and cool tatoos on their hands and neck too. The dancing was amazing. I love the string dance when they play like it was a guitar (i believe). The girls dancers wasn't my favorite at all, but I love the American looking ladies in parts of their scenes. It add a different feel to the MV. I personally love this song after hearing it the first time, and I love the English lyrics at the beginning.

Rate: 10/10

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