Monday, February 3, 2014

LTA KPOP EP 24 - MV Review Part 2

Here is the second part to the MV Review, but there is going to be a part 3. Enjoy!

AOA - Miniskirt
This song is amazing, I love the beat at the beginning with Jimin dancing. Their clothes is nice and simple, which suits the concepts. The original dance is kind of awkward but I love the chair part at the end. The music video itself, it aright. I love the soft scenes with white flowly background.
Rate: 9/10

GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls
If you have seen the trailer for this song, the beginning of this music video is similar to the trailer. I love the beat of the music video at the beginning and their scooter skateboard. I mean I would really love to try that in person. Once they enter the basement, I notice that it looks really similar to a CF 'Mini' with APink and BAP. I do really like the dancing scene in the basement, I really do think this is just like a dance music video only. 

The song it self, is not the best, I have to say; but yes GOT7, girls love you guys. Also we can't forget that they are all cute and handsome. I do really have to say that the song could of been better. The dance is really easy and simple, although there is some filpbacks. I do really love the cuts and edits of the MV. I think this is a song that I could really get use to if I keep listening to it.

I really don't get the MV at all. What is the point of the school girl. There only just to find the secret basement. I also notice that during the live shows that Jr. and JB have a lot of lines in this song, which I like since I miss them. 
Rate: 8/10

SPICA - You Don't Love Me
This MV is weird and retro style. I have to say they all look so different with that makeup and hair style. I really do like the scenes where they have the big fat but dancing scenes. Also one part of the dancing scene looks like 'SNSD' or 'Girls Day' dance too. I have to say I love their vocals no matter what, but this is either a Hit or Miss.
Rate: 5/10

Sunny Hill - Don't Say Anything
I have to say I love this song, although this is the first time I'm listening to any song from Sunny Hill. I love the beginning of the MV with the piano and clock tick tocing. I love the different scenes and sets, especially the set with the balloons. 

Since this is the first time listening to Sunny Hill songs, I love their vocals and the chorus of the song. Within 3 minutes of the song and MV, I kind of wonder where the guy is at, since I haven't heard there song and also since this would be his last song performing with Sunny Hill, I kind of want to hear his voice. 

Once the guy voice came in, he sound like an actor but the sad part is that he only got 2 lines in English only! SAD:(
Rate: 8/10

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