Monday, June 23, 2014

LTA KPOP EP 32: Current Fave Songs

It been a month since I last update because I don't have any more ideas to put up so I decide to show you guys some of my current fave songs at the moment.

Let start off with GOT7, since they just release there MV for 'A', which I fell in love after hearing it once. I mean it was amazing:) and catchy.

Another fave at the moment is 15& 'Shy Ma Boy'. I don't know but I happen to like the others song on the 'Sugar' album but not 'Sugar'.

This song was okay when I first hear it but after a couple of times I do happen to like this song and sing it sometimes.

Okay, now the last song it by Megan Lee who I have been watching on YouTube before her debut in Korea. I happen to love this song.

Okay there you go, a list of some of my fave songs at the moment. Hope you guys enjoy.

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