Wednesday, October 15, 2014

LTA KPOP EP 33: Top 10 Taeyeon Songs

Its been over 4 months since I last post a blog post and I am super mad at myself. I promise to fulfill my resolution but I fail once again. I been meaning to post something but I didn't have the time to do so this summer till now. The middle of summer was a lot of fun with my family and friends but then right before school started there was problem with school paper works which I hate doing the most but then a close family cousin pass away leading to ending summer in a sad mood. But along that line of course I have work. I worked 5 days a week during the summer and now I am working 4 days a week.

But of course let stop this rambling here and start this LTA KPOP episode. For this episode I decide to do my favorites or top 10 Taeyeon related songs. Meaning it could be a OST song, a collab song, solo song or a duet song. But again let's go ahead and get started.

1. Missing You Like Crazy - The King 2 Hearts OST

2. Set Me Free - SM the Ballad 

3. I Love You - Athena: Goddess of War OST

4. If - Hong Gildong OST

5. Breath - SM the Ballad ft. SHINee Kim Jonghyun

6. 7989 - Taeyeon ft. Kangta

7. Can You Hear Me - Beethoven Virus OST

8. SEOUL - SNSD & Super Junior

9. Cabi Song - SNSD & 2PM

10. Dear My Family - SMTOWN

Okay, let me know what are you favorites Taeyeon (related) songs. I hope you enjoy and I'll see you next week for sure. I am positive!:) 


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