Friday, January 30, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 34: Top 15 SNSD Songs (2014 edition)

Hey everyone. Its been a while since I post anything, as you can see it 2015! WOW! It so weird right. I miss talking to you guys so much but I hope you have a great year and holiday too.

Since this is a new year, I want to reupdate some of the old LTA KPOP topics so we are going to get started. The reason for this being 2014 edition is because I actually decided on these last year but didn't have time to post them up and now I am. Let get started.

15. OH!

SNSD - Oh! Actually I was looking through my list of songs on Itunes and this happen to be one of the most listen songs from my SNSD songs list. 

14. Romantic Street

When I first hear this song, I really like it. It was one of the song in the album that I just happen to like other than the fact that it is a ballad-like song, but the members voices sounds amazing in this songs especially Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica. 

13. Dear Mom

This is one of the most emotional song from SNSD. No other words.

12. Twinkle

I have to include this song because of the amazing vocals from these three members.

11. Only U

I couldn't say no to this song, a great ballad song written from Seohyun. It one of the songs that I really like out of the album too. 

10. Honey (Perfect For You)

A song from one of their earlier albums but a very good one. I think this was one of the songs that I always put on replay and sing along too plus I can't say no to the vocals and the music itself.

9. Time Machine

The second Japanese songs that I happen to really like, because one of than that it is a ballad song, this song highlight the vocalist voice most of the times, but I think it is also another emotional song too.

8. All My Love Is For You

Although they look like princess in the video, that not the reason why I love this song. The first Japanese song that I really love. 

7. Mr. Mr.

Mr. Mr.~~~ For one, I really like this concept. The feminine feel to the clothes they wear for performance. Secondly, it was very catching when I first heard it. 

6. Into The New World

Let just say, this is the beginning of SNSD. A fan favorite and powerful dance with amazing vocals.

5. Genie

Another fan favorite and the start of legged group.

4. Goodbye

This is one of the best song from the Mr Mr Album in which I really like too. The song itself is fill with all the member voice and you can tell them apart. Also I just love the chorus. 

Bonus Clip (The reason why I love this song)
Just listen and tell me that doesn't sound amazing.

3. Forever

The song title itself said it all. SNSD forever and it was use as an OST for the drama Pasta.

2. Complete

A song from SNSD to SONES. 

1. Gee

A fan favorite and the start of Gee Wave and made SNSD a star and Nation Girl Group.

Enough said, tell me some of your favorite SNSD songs. 


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