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LTA KPOP EP 35: Top 25 Group of 2010's (2010-2014)

Since 2010, there has been so many idol group that have debuted and I don't know all of them to tell you the truth, but I can tell you that I have some favorites. From 2010 to 2014, there probably more than 50 groups that have debuted and here are my top 25 groups that debuted in 2010's. Don't worry there will be a part two of 2010's but I pretty sure it won't come until 2020, so I promise I will keep on going with this blog post till then.

 25. Hello Venus (2012)

I started liking Hello Venus since their debut, but since the depart of the two original member, I haven't listen much to them. The most current song 'Wiggle Wiggle' will be the only song I have listen to since they came back with two new members.

24. BAP (2012)

I never much like BAP that much, but I started getting into them as my friends started to listening to them. I happen to start liking them collaboration with SECRET. 

23. Miss A (2010)

There is not much to say about these girls. They are amazing and talented, but I think because of Suzy, they haven't made a lot of comebacks.

22. B1A4 (2012)

The only member I actually knew at the start was Baro, but I started listening more to their music and so I developed a bias of Jinyoung, their leader.

21. SPICA (2012)

This group came out strong and the only member I knew was Jiwon. Although I didn't start liking them until 'I'll Be There', they are such a talented group.

20. AOA (2012)

The girl group that is the talk of the town. I like these girls but somehow I couldn't rank them high enough.

19. ZE:A (2010)

I still don't know much about the members but I do love them. Also the members are getting more popular and being well known.

18. 15& (2012)

I love these girls, such strong vocals but I couldn't rank them higher since there is not that much song release from them since debuted, but no matter what I love these girl.

17. Teen Top (2010)

These boys are crazy but so cute and fun. Each member is so different and so they create this kid environment around each other.

16. Bangtan Boys/BTS (2013) 

I actually never knew this group because one I don't really listen much to rap and secondly if a boy group debut doesn't catch up, most likely I don't listen to them that much. But thanks to my best friend who made me listen to their song and fell in love with their voices,

15. BESTie (2013)

The actual reason why I watch these ladies from the start is because 3 of the members are ex-EXID members. They left for their reason but debuted in another group which I am sad about, but happy that their back in the scene. Although I wish for BESTie to try a similar strong concept like EXID, they still make me happy. 

14. EXID (2012)

Yes, EXID right before BESTie. I love these ladies since their debut with 'Whoz That Girl'. It was such a good and strong song that I still actually listen too. And I'm so happy that they succeed with 'Up and Down'.

13. Red Velvet (2014)

This group came out of no where. Usually SM does a whole bunch of teaser and advertising for a new group but this came out of no where. I mean I did know 3 of the members from SM Rookie.

12. Akdong Musician (2014)

This duo, brother and sister is amazing from KPOP STAR Season 2 winner to debuting in YG. Crazy, right? Nope, I actually didn't know them since I didn't watch KPOP STAR Season 2, but I fell in love with '200%' because it was a must listen to song.

11. WINNER (2014)

From Team A to WINNER, I think they a great and talented group. Been waiting for them to debut since the show and now I can't wait for iKon to debut too.

10. MADTOWN (2014)

Really, I have no clue who this group were until David Choi congratulate on Jota, one of the rapper on his debut and I was like, oh I have to watch them, and so now I'm hook. 

9. BTOB (2012)

I watch them from debut and I have to say they are good and amazing. They started out strong and they are still strong which is good. They have a lot of potential.

8. SISTAR (2010)

One of the top sexy girl group and I agree so, although their debut song didn't do so well they became a hit with 'Alone' which is one my favorite song. 

7. Girls' Day (2010)

They started off slow but I think it was worth it because they are so happy and successful. Although I miss the 5th member, I am so happy that Girls' Day is still themselves. 

6. Infinite (2010)

Amazing dance group with amazing vocal. Actually didn't know about them until 'The Chaser' and I happen to really like them.

5. Boyfriend (2011)

They gain my attention with the cute and handsome twins in the group right at the beginning and I couldn't say no to them and so they became one of my favorite group.

4. CNBlue (2010)

I didn't know they debuted in Japan before Korea, but I got to know them through the show We Got Married (WGM) when Yonghwa was married to SNSD Seohyun. Even till this day, I wish the show would of continued with them.

3. EXO (2012)

E-X-O! They became a hit as soon as they debuted, why because of those 30+ teasers from SM. I mean just those member caught my attention, they are all good looking and charming too, 

2. GOT7 (2014)

Truthfully I only listen and watch them for JJ Project (JB & Jr.) but I ended up liking them so much and plus 3 of those boys was on the show 'Win: Who Next?' that Winner and iKon appear in. And now, they are my one of my favorite boy group.

1. APink (2011)

Starting off at their debut, I called them SNSD the 2nd. Why? Because my obsession with SNSD but their debut song 'I Don't Know' was so fairy-like and soft and their concept was so innocent that it remind myself of SNSD, and so I love them. They are my second favorite girl group. 

Special Honor: Ladies' Code (2013)

I couldn't forget them. I was going to add them on the list but instead I made a Special Honor for them. Rise and EunB will always be with Ladies' Code and us, KPOP world forever. Although I started to get to know them, right before the accident, I gotten to love both Rise and EunB a lot through variety shows. RIP!

Tell me some of you favorite KPOP idol group that debuted in the year of 2010 to 2014. Again this list only included idol who debut in the year between 2010 to 2014. 

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