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LTA KPOP EP 38: Top 10 SNSD Reality/Variety/Talk Show

Reality, variety and talk show are a big part of an idol career and also a big part of the Korean Wave that can't be ignore. I admit that I spend long hours sitting down, laughing to myself and watching reality, variety and talk show that included some of my favorite idols and I am addicted to it and I can't stop for sure.

Since SNSD been around for 7+ years now, they have been on a lot of shows and I want to tell you about them, so I am talking about my top 10 SNSD shows that they appear in. Let go and get started shall we.

10. Intimate Note 
(this is the episode 57 min)
All the members appear in the show except for Tiffany whom at the time was in America for personal reason. This is one of the most funniest shows that the members appear in. At the beginning of the show, they are split into SHORT team and TALL team equally since Tiffany wasn't on the show. They started off with each of the team telling the other team something that they keep to their selves about other team members. After that the members face off each other and tell each other things that they need to fix on certain topics and then the fun starts when the members goes around against their own team members. The later half of the show continues with the members fighting for who to become queen and put status on the other members. This is one of the funniest part of the show that include Hyoyeon becoming Princess Fiona. And the show ends with SNSD dancing to Super Junior 'Sorry Sorry'. 

9. Hello Baby
(this is the first episode of SNSD's Hello Baby)
Hello Baby is a show that show celebrities experiences in parenthood raising children under the age of 5. The first season started off with SNSD raising 9 month old (at the time) Cho Kyungsan during the summer of 2009 till November 2009 with a total of 22 episodes. I actually miss baby Kyungsan a lot and sometimes I wonder how he is right now. All the member appear in the show throughout the episodes but most of the time (as I remember) they are all not present.

8. Shinhwa Broadcast 
(a cut from episode 47 of the girls teaching Shinhwa's member their new dance)
Shinhwa Broadcast is a show hosted by the members of Shinhwa that last up to 65 episodes with two season. The SNSD members appear in episode 47 and 48. In episode 47, the Shinhwa members and SNSD members try to pull a hidden camera prank on Yoona by teasing her as the worst looking member seen in person. Also the SNSD members teach Shinhwa their latest song dance. Throughout the episode it was focus on teasing Yoona through not wanting to partner with her during the couple selection. Yoona later was told at the end of the episode about the hidden camera prank. In episode 48, have a heart to heart talk about many topics. The members that appear in the show is Taeyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Sooyoung.

7. Healing Camp
(this is the episode)
Healing Camp is a talk show that focused on 'healing'. SNSD appears in episode 132. The girls are shown eating ramen that was cook on the show by one of the host. They also talk about topics like dating, and fights among the members and hardship during the beginning of their years.

6. Invincible Youth Season 1 & Season 2
(this is the first episode for the first season)

(this is the first episode for the second season)
This wonderful variety show consist of KPOP idol girl groups members experience how to live and survive in Korean rural outdoors. Season 1 starred Yuri and Sunny of SNSD, along with KARA Hara, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, 4Minute Hyuna, Secret Sunhwa, and Tara Hyomin. Later in the show, Yuri, Sunny and Hyuna left and new member After School Jooyeon, F(x) Victoria, and solo artist Kim Sori was added. The first season aired in October of 2009 until December of 2014. The second season starred eight KPOP idol which aired in November 2011 and ended in November of 2012. The member consist of Hyoyeon of SNSD, F(x) Amber, Jiyoung (ex-member of KARA), Miss A Suzy, SISTAR Bora, Jewelry Yewon, Rainbow Woori, and season 1 idol SNSD Sunny. Later on, Rainbow Woori and F(x) Amber left the show and after that Sunny left the show. I enjoy watching this for the fact that I get to see the members interact with one another, because sometimes it so hard to see them interact together since they are usually on stage and the camera doesn't capture much too.

5. Roommate Season 2
(this is the first episode of the second season of Roommate)
The title of the show say it all, although it a developing show I happen to love it since the first season that aired in April of 2014. The first season consist of Lee Dongwook, Jo Seho, EXO Chanyeol, Park Minwoo, Seo Kang Joo, After School Nana, 2NE1 Park Bom, Lee Sora, Song Gayeon, Shin Sung Woo, and Hong Soohyun. By the later half of the first season, 2NE1 Park Bom left due to scandal, Song Gayeon left to focus on her MMA career, EXO Chanyeol left due to busy schedules, Lee Sora, Shin Sung Woo and Hong Soohyun left also by the end of the first season.The second season started airing in October of 2014. SNSD Sunny join the cast in the second season with GOT7 Jackson, GOD Park Joon Hyung, Ryohei Otani, Lee Guk Joo, KARA Youngji, and Bae Jong Ok including the original remaining season one members Lee Dongwook, Jo Seho, Park Minwoo, Seo Kang Joo, and After School Nana. It actually a very fun show and it has lots of surprise including guest stars.

4. Running Man
(an episode that Sunny and Yoona appear in, one of my favorite)
Running Man is one of the most love variety show that everyone must know of. Running Man aired back in July of 2010 and till today it is still airing. The total amount of episode that have been release is over 230 episodes. Tons of star including KPOP idol group to actors and actress have appear on  the show. SNSD members have appear in 9 episodes (at the moment) and all of them have been super fun and full of laughter. Plus 9 is the lucky number, right? 

3. Strong Heart
(an cut from an episode that Sunny and Yuri appear in)
The show started with SNSD Yonna appearing on the show with other guest and the show ended with a SNSD special, and so that means a lot. I mean I enjoy watching Strong Heart in general but an episode that a SNSD member appear in, it is always better.

2. WGM - SNSD Taeyeon & Jung Hyungdon
(the first episode)
I love WGM in general but truthfully I don't really like the couple together more I don't think they have enough time together too.

1. WGM - SNSD Seohyun & CNBlue Yonghwa
(the couple with the other CNBlue members)
Again, I love this couple and WGM too. I feel like this couple should be like a standard for the show since it was full of adventure and new experience to both of them. 

There is a lot more show that SNSD have appear in but it was hard to pick 10 already. Also it got harder to explain why on all of them as I came down the list because there was just so much stuff. 

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