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LTA KPOP EP 45 : MV Reviews

It a lie! This episode is suppose to be about variety/reality/talk shows, but since I post so much on top favorites etc. I wanted to change things up a little bit so here you guy go. So the next episode would be about variety/reality/talk shows. The very first Music Video Reviews for the year of 2015. It actually been a while since I last did a music video review and trust me, I haven't seen that much music video at all. I actually miss a lot of music video review chances but I am making it up for you guys with this blog post. I'm only going to do some of the most recent music video that been release this year only. So let go and get started with MV Reviews.

Chamsonyeo - Magic Word

Chamsonyeo is a group created for the show Hitmaker Season 2. Hitmaker Season 1 created the group Big Byung, a boy idol group. The members consist of solo artist G.Na, After School Lizzy, 4Minute Sohyun and KARA Youngji. Comparing this video to the Big Byung first video created, it is a lot better comparing the sets and outfits. Although the sets are inside like similar to SM sets inside a box, the sets is actually very pretty. The scenes in the video is so funny because of Hyungdon and Daejoon acting and plus the scene match very well with lyrics of the song too. The song is very catchy Joy Boy Jobobo~ and I think it show great potential for the members to see them sing or rap skills plus seeing their relationships too. The members are all so cute in the music video and there isn't much to say other then Hyungdon looks very cool in Ahjumma clothing. 
Rate: 10/10

Big Byung - Stress Come On
Since I talk about Chamsonyeo, I did to talk about Big Byung. Big Byung is the group that Hyungdon and Daejoon first created through the show Hitmaker. The member consist of VIXX N, VIXX Hyuk, GOT7 Jackson and BTOB Sungjae. The scene are taken outside so the scenes are very pretty and bright. Although the outfits are horrible and they carry water jugs, they all just look so wacky. Plus Hyungdon and Daejoon wearing scandals just make them look like they were homeless. Somehow I feel like Sungjae look so tacky and skinny and he just look really weird in the outfit and shorts that are above his knee. The song is a rap song so there is not really that much of vocals or singing lines for the members at all. Through this rap song it show the member rapping skills especially from the members who are usually in charge of vocals in their original group. The members are just so funny and hilarious with all their scenes and acting. And right at the end, their dancing scenes are just so funny I couldn't stop laughing especially with Jackson's split and Hyuk jumping in the air and Sungjae doing what ever he is doing in the back.  
Rate: 9/10 

Big Byung - Ojingeo Doenjang
This is Big Byung second music video release in the second season of Hitmaker. I haven't seen or heard it so this would be the first time before this review. Comparing to the first video, this video is very computer based and editing based since the background, you can tell is just an background and the qualities doesn't match up with the first video nor the girl group video at all. Their clothes/outfit are way much more better again this is also another rap song. I haven't seen Hyungdon and Daejoon in the video at all since I am already like 2 minutes into the video already. So apparently, They do appear in the video but they are actually not edit at all but actually film in real life. Again their dance moves are just so funny. 
Rate: 7/10

Amber - Shake That Brass (ft. SNSD Taeyeon)

I seen this video when it first came out since I was so excited for two reason: first, Taeyeon being feature in the song and secondly, because of Amber being an solo artist. The beginning is so funny with all Amber's friends playing instruments and seeing some familiar faces too. The beat to the song is very catchy although this is a rap song it feels like a song that I can sing to really easy too. Favorite part would be Taeyeon appearing in the music video but actually the lyrics with where they go Yeah~ Uh Huh~ The music video is so bright with lots of vibrant colors. Plus who doesn't love the Laundromat scene with all of them dancing crazy too. Taeyeon look very different in this music video comparing to all the other different videos she appear in, she just look more bright and happier, I think it just her makeup and hairstyle but I think this concept really match her too. I was so excited for Amber's solo and I am very happy for her now too, with such s great song too. The album is also very good, and we get to hear her voice, her singing voice and they are amazing. She is an unrated vocalist. 
Rate: 10/10

 4Minute - Crazy
I haven't seen it fully but I have seen other people review of the song and music video and so I decide to do a review of this song. Somehow, I think I might not like it already since I seen those review but also the dance a little bit too. Okay, it started off strong and the concept itself is so different comparing to other concepts 4Minute have done before. Somehow I think this concept will match well with other group like f(x), Sonamoo, 2NE1 other other strong groups. It so weird to see this concept for 4Minute. I love their hats though, since they said their names but they just look very cool. The music video feel very similar to a YG music video or what I though it feel like was a Big Bang video since it so strong and different. Like the sets are similar to something Big Bang could do basically. I love Gayoon, and I think this concept match her very well but it a no no for the loose pants she is wearing. The dance is CRAZY! but very strong and very hip hop like. 
Rate: 7/10

Neil - LoveKiller
Okay, I haven't seen it at all until now so let go. The sound of rain is such a pleasant sound. I though it would be a song with more beats and fast song but it turns out to be a slow beat song. It simple but also strong too. The scenes in the video is so different, but it goes with the lyrics. From something so bright and lovely to something dark and sad but love those dance moves that he did. Another thing about Neil, that everyone should already now is that he have a killer voice and singing to this song with his voice is magic. I just want to know who the girl is because I still haven't seen her face fully yet. The story line of the music video flows and the song is great but I couldn't really give it a perfect score because I feel it not going to be a song I will listen to on repeat all the time.
Rate: 9/10

Rainbow - Black Swan
I am so happy to see Rainbow back in the scene because it been a while. Watching this video at first I though it was very similar to Sweet Dream and it sort of give me that feel too. The video was confusing with all the sketch and statics it give in the beginning but the music video itself was so weird. I think it didn't flow together because the scene or shots were cut so fast. I get that it suppose to show the two side of them but the shot was cut to fast it seem like a shot only last one second only. I do happen to like the song chorus part but I feel like the song is a song that I have to listen to a couple of time to really like it on repeat. The dance I think might get change for public broadcast since the dance involve moving their butt back and forth. 
Rate: 9/10

That it, the list of music video I haven't review. I know there is more but I just haven't got the chance to really list all of them. Let me know you thoughts too.

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