Friday, February 20, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 44: Top 5 Must Watch Show

I admit, I watch a lot and I do mean a lot of shows, especially Korean shows. It's help release all those stress I get from studying and also I sometimes could use a good laugh too. There is many shows that are produced and film in a year and thousands of episodes to watch too. I watch again lots of shows and that included variety, talk, radio, and reality shows.

Here I am going to shared you some of my favorites shows that I would recommend everyone to watch. Let go!

5. Happy Together

Happy Together is a talk show that started in November of 2001 and till today it is still airing. It celebrated its 200th episode of it third season in July of 2011. There is a total of 3 seasons of Happy Together. 

4. Weekly Idol
Weekly Idol is a variety show that aired in July of 2011 until today it still airing. This show is hosted by comedian Jung Hyung Don and rapper Defconn. This shows have different corners or segment that each idol group must go through the first time and their next appearance on the show is similar but with different segments. One of the most popular segment for this show is the 'Random Play Dance', where the idol groups have to dance to any songs that been promoted and the song is play at a random point and stops at a random point so the guest must dance with the proper choreography for each songs. 

3. Roommate
Roommate is a reality show that aired in May of 2014. It on the second season where it shows celebrities living together in a share house with five bedrooms and sixty cameras filming them. 

2. We Got Married
We Got Married is a reality and variety show that started in February of 2008 where is pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. There have been 4 seasons with 2 global edition and special spin-off of the show. 

1. Running Man
Running Man is a variety show aired in July of 2010 until today it is still airing and release episodes. There has been a total of 235 episodes listed as of February 2015 and there is still more coming. Each episode have a different theme and different guests comes on the show. Some theme are repeated yearly or once in a while due to request or part of a special series for the show. 

Special Honor Mention: Strong Heart  

Next episode, I will be also talking about shows again but can you guest what I am going to be talking about. A little hint would be, the special honor mention. 

Tell me some of your favorite must watch shows. 

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