Friday, February 13, 2015

LTA KPOP EP 39: Top 5 KPOP Subunits (2014 edition) & Top 5 Project/Co-Ed Units

Subunits and Projects/Co-Ed groups have been popping up everywhere in the KPOP scene since 2009, I think this come start with Super Junior coming out with these different subunits group, which I love them all. I decided to do an updated version for my top 5 KPOP subunits but also do an project/co-ed subunits too. I though it would be better to combine these two together instead of doing a blog post for both of them.

Let's go and get started.

Top 5 KPOP Subunits (2014 edition)

5. Orange Caramel

These girls are make a successful group outside of After School and their concepts are always different from one another but also different from After School which show a different side from the other members.


Originally from SISTAR, I think this duo group is not much different from itself. Hyorin being the main vocalist and getting most of the singing part while the other member only get some parts especially Bora, the rapper. I think she have a really good singing voice but is underrated. 

3. Super Junior M

Another group that is successful like the original group, Super Junior. Although they added 2 more members to the group, I think they are very successful and some what similar to the original group but different at the same time too.

2. Infinite H

These handsome boys are getting so may fans, especially girl fans. With their debut song, Special Girl and now their most current song, Pretty. 

1. TaeTiSeo

Of course, my most favorite subunit group consists of the main vocalist from SNSD, my favorite group. All their vocals are outstanding and flow together. 

Top 5 Project Units
5. 4Tomorrow/ Girls 4

This is a project group consists of 4Minute Hyuna, Brown Eyed Girls Gain, After School Uee, and Kara Seungyeon. The members release a digital release of the song 'Tomorrow' individual and together. 

3. Romantic J

CNBlue member Jonghyun and solo artist Juniel form the project group Romantic Jrelease a winter special digital together with the song 'Love Falls'. The song was composed by Jonghyun and the lyrics was written by Juniel. 

3. Mystic White

This project group was created by SBS for Gayo Daejun in 2012. The members consists of 4Minute Gayoon, Secret Sunhwa, After School Lizzy, SISTAR Bora, and KARA ex-member Jiyoung. They released the song called 'Mermaid Princess'. 

2. Trouble Maker

This duo consist of 4Minute Hyuna and BEAST Hyunseung. This is actually more like a subunit group but since they are member from two different band I decided to put it as a project group. They have release two albums with their song 'Trouble Maker' and 'Now (There is No Tomorrow)'. A very successful group, duo.

1. SM the Ballad

Another co-ed group from SM Entertainment, it actually started off as a male group, but the member line change as the most recent album. The members started off in 2010 with Jay Kim, SHINee Jonghyun, Super Junior Kyuhyun and Jino and in 2014, the only member from the original four was SHINee Jonghyun. TVXQ Changmin, Super Junior Yesung, SNSD Taeyeon, f(x) Krystal, EXO Chen, Super Junior M Zhoumi and Zhang Liyin was added to the group releasing tracks in Korean, Japanese and Chinese. 

There you go, some of my favorite subunits and project groups. Tell me some of yours. 

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