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LTA KPOP EP 36: Top 20 Groups of 2000's (2000-2009)

Since I did a Top 25 Groups of 2010's (2010-2014), I think I will do a Top 20 Groups of 2000's. I mean most I start the love of KPOP back in the 2000's, so I though it would be nice to make this list. I don't know much of the early group that debut in the early year of 2000's but I know a lot of the groups that debuted the end of 2000's that is the reason why I only have 20 groups on this list instead of 25 groups. Let just go ahead and start this list.

20. SS501 (2005)

 I actually started to get into this group after watching Boys Over Flower, where Kim Hyun Joong act in and a very famous OST come from these boys, that where I started to listen to some of their songs only, but other than that, I don't hardly listen to them that much.

19. Davichi (2008)

I love this duo group. They have such strong vocals that I think everyone is jealous of, but I think they are the Ballad Duo of the KPOP world. I prefer their ballad songs over some of their dance song. 

18. Tara (2009)

I used to love this group when they started and casually I just didn't listen to them much after the members started left the group. I mean I love the 7-member group, I just didn't like the 8 and 9 member group. Although they are back to the original 6-member group, I haven't listen much to their songs since it doesn't appeal to me that much. 

17. UKISS (2009)

It is still hard to believe that this group have not won a #1 award since debuted and FANS, you did to help them out. They are amazing, and this boys are hard working. 

16. 2AM (2008)

They are the male ballad group for me. All of their voices combine together sound very nice and they are all so hilarious too. 

15. Big Bang (2006)

They are actually the first group I have heard when I got into KPOP, because at the time it was all about 'Haru Haru' and 'Lies'. Honestly, they are still a favorite. 

14. 2NE1 (2009)

A fierce, powerful group similar to Big Bang. They are Big Bang junior and they do succeed as a girl group that worldwide popular but sometimes, I personally don't like their song, but I do have some favorites too.

13. TVXQ (2003)

I am just going to combine them together as a 5-member group honestly because that how I got to love them although I love the duo group now, I think fan still miss and wish to see them together. 

And as a 5-member group.

12. SHINee (2008)

Actually found out about this group through a friend of mine who love them, I started listening to them. I actually like their debut song, and I wish they would do something similar to their debut song. I miss them these past year.

11. BEAST (2009)

SHINee and BEAST are actually a tie but honestly I happen to love BEAST a little bit more since I got to know their members more and listen more to their music. 

10. MBLAQ (2009)

I only knew this group as 'the boy that play Rain in Ninja Assassin' group, why because I actually didn't listen to their song that much until 'Mona Lisa'. That when I got to really like the group and listen to their music more. Although I know them as Joon's group, he isn't my favorite.

9. After School (2009)

It was confusing for me to keep up with this group because I love 'AH!' but then 'Diva' was different and then 'Because Of You' comes two new members and one of the original left the group. It was hard and weird but I got to love the system of graduating from the group. It hard to let got of the members but it harder for me to like the new members too, but as time goes by, it will be easier to like them.

All the past and recent member in order of age.
Kahi, Jungah, Soyoung, Jooyeon, Uee, Raina, Bekah, Nana, Lizzy, Eyoung and Kaeun

8. 4Minute (2009)

I think most people knew this group as Hyuna's group, but I actually didn't know them as Hyuna's group but as 4Minute. The reason was because I didn't know who Hyuna was at all. I got to love them through their song Hot Issue which was very catching. 

7. Secret (2009)

First member I got to know who Sunhwa, through Invincible Youth and I started to love this group because of her, although she isn't a favorite, I still love her.

6. Super Junior (2005)

It was actually hard to forgive this group because SNSD 'Gee' was a hit in 2009, but they came out with 'Sorry Sorry' which went to #1 right away. I gotten to like this group after listening to 'Sorry Sorry' which I'm late but it okay.

5. Wonder Girls (2007)

I miss this group. Although I am happy for Sunye, I miss them. It good to see the members doing their activities but it would be good to see them together. Honestly, I don't know about them until 'Nobody' became a hit. So that means I didn't know Hyuna was an original member of Wonder Girls at all. But it is great to see Sunmi as a solo artist. 

4. Kara (2007)

I'm late to love this group. I only got to know them through Invincible Youth through Hara and the Mister 'Butt' dance that was very popular. Although the member line up have change I gotten to love the new member. 

And as a 5-member group.

3. 2PM (2008)

Think of them as the male dance group out of One Day, meaning they are 2AM brother group. It great that they succeed but I miss them with Jay Park. I miss them since they do a lot more promotions in Japan now but they are still a favorite. 

2. f(x) (2009)

First, I only know them as SNSD and SHINee's sister group from SM, but also as Jessica's younger sister group. It was hard to actually like them at first but their song was just so different and catching that I actually started to listen to them more often.

1. SNSD (2007)

You aren't surprise aren't you? SNSD will always be my favorite group no matter what, because I love all the girls so equally although my bias is Taeyeon. All 9-members, and SNSD will alway be 9-member, but all of them are special and because of each other they are SNSD today. 

Tell me your favorite group that debuted in the years between 2000 and 2009. 

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