Friday, January 27, 2017

[MV Review] Wendy and Eric Nam - Spring Love

Today MV Review is for Red Velvet's Wendy and Eric Nam duet title 'Spring Love'.

Wendy of Red Velvet and Eric Nam sing a duet for the SM Station. 

It starts off with Wendy and both of them walking. Wendy look so pretty with her blonde hair. It weird to see Wendy and Eric running to each other and hugging. It just seem weird because skinship is very rare for Koreans. It cute to see them play around at a park. I like the concept of this video being like a picture moving video. Wait, did Eric just kiss Wendy!? NO!!!!!! NO! NO! Eric I hate you. No, just kidding. I love Eric and Wendy both.  

The song is great. The beginning sound so smooth. Eric and Wendy voices both match each other. I think this was a great duet because both of their voices sound so amazing. 

Rate: 9/10

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