Monday, March 27, 2017

LTA KPOP EP 112: Top 20 Girl Spirits Performance 2016 (Part 1)

In 2016, a singing competition show featuring underrated girl group main vocalist. A total of 12 main vocalist from different girl group compete in two groups and the top 2 from each group goes to the final round to compete for a brand new car and the runner up trip to Saipan. 

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Before I get into the performances, I would like to introduce the girl group members who participate in the show. Again, they are from underrated girl groups. 

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LOVELYZ Kei | SONAMOO Min Jae | April Jin Sol

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CLC Seung Hee | WJSN Da Won | Oh My Girl Seung Hee

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SPICA Bo Hyung | BESTIE Uji | Pristin (Pledis Girlz) Sung Yeon

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Ladies' Code So Jung | Feistar Hye Mi | Laboum So Yeon
In the first episode the girls performed their group song with their members and a song as a introduction to the girls. After the first episode the girls are split into two groups A and B. Each episode either group A or B performed with a concepts.

Artist(s) - Song Title - Episode - Votes 

20. WJSN Dawon → Yanghwa Bridge → EP 9 → 148 Votes

19. WJSN Dawon ft. WJSN/I.O.I Yeon Jung → You're The Best → EP 4 → 94 Votes

18. SONAMOO Min Jae ft. Sleepy → I → EP 4 → 65 Votes

17. Ladies Code So Jung  ft. 2AM Chang Min → You Wouldn't Answer My Calls → EP 8 → 94 Votes

16. Feistar Hye Mi ft. Jung Seung Hwan → Etude Of Memories → EP 10 → 149 Votes

15. APRIL Jin Sol ft. V.O.S Choi Hyun Joon→ Thanks → EP 10 → 145 Votes

14. Pristin (Peldis Girlz) Sung Yeon → In Dreams → EP 1 → 68 Votes

13. Oh My Girl Seung Hee ft. Oh My Girl→ Dream Girls → EP 1 → 86 Votes

12. BESTie Uji → Love Me Right → EP 5 108 Votes

11. SPICA Bo Hyung & CLC Seung Hee → Mom → EP 6 → 308 Votes

I hope you enjoy the performances and check out the show it self too. 

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