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LTA KPOP EP 111: Top 11 I.O.I Songs

In the year of 2017, PRODUCE 101 Season 2 is coming soon but I.O.I promotions has officially ended and they have disband. In today, lets talk about KPOP, I'm going to list my top 11 songs from I.O.I promotions. 

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11. Pick Me

'Pick Me' is the main song of these ladies and actually the Produce 101 series. I actually thought I wasn't going to like this song at first when I first heard it but after a while, it get addicting and you actually start to like it a lot. 

10. Whatta Man

'Whatta Man' is the single that was release from I.O.I unit group with Nayoung, Chungha, Somi, Yoojung, Doyeon, Sohye, and Kyul Kyung (Pinky/Jieqiong). It was such a different concepts from the 'Dream Girls' and later 'Very Very Very.' I happen to really like this song and I'm glad to see this concepts for I.O.I. I wish to see Sejeong, Mina, Chaeyeon, and Yeonjung try this concept too. Actually I wish to see them perform these song with the other I.O.I members but it will never happen again. 

9. Dream Girls

These are the girls who finally achieve their dreams with 'Dream Girls.' It their debut song which I happen to dislike at first but again fell in love with it later. Although I wish it would of been a different song for their debut, it was such a great song too. 

8. Hip Song

Although this was actually a song for a show and not a song release originally by I.O.I. I really like this song. They did a remake of 'Hip Song' for the variety show Two Yoo Project Sugar Man. This was such a great song and I love how Yeonjung high notes were so refreshing too. 

7. Downpour

These was the last song that I.O.I release before they disbanded and it was such a great song written by SEVENTEEN member Woozi. 'Downpour' was so smooth and very emotional. Smooth meaning the flow of the song and the lyrics were so prefect for each other. 

6. Knock Knock Knock

'Knock Knock Knock' was such a great song in their first album and well-love too. It was an easy song to follow along too. 

5. Hold On

'Hold On' is a song produce and written by B1A4's Jinyoung. Another great song from their second album and not only that such great lyrics with wonderful meaning to it. Also you get to hear Yeonjung's high notes too. 

4. I Love You, I Remember You

'I Love You, I Remember You' is an OST song for the drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I actually have no idea who sang this song when I first heard it in the drama and randomly coming across it on youtube again. I actually really love the drama so the OST was just a great plus to it too but hearing this song from I.O.I unit members was such a great pleasure too. Honestly I love Chungha's voice but I wonder how great it would be is Sejeong and Yeonjung's voice were in the song too. 

3. When the Cherry Blossoms Fade

'When the Cherry Blossoms Fade' was release in the last episode of Produce 101 and during the live event with 22 trainees were singing. It a great song produce and written by B1A4's Jinyoung too. I fell in love with it as soon as I heard the song and it still such a great song too. 

2. Crush

'Crush' was also release in the last episode of Produce 101 during the live event with 22 trainees singing to it and later it was release with the I.O.I members singing in the first album. I actually wish this would of been the debut song but then it wouldn't made any sense therefore it was a great pre-debut song. Its much stronger than 'Dream Girls' but I actually love both versions with the 22 trainees and the I.O.I members. 

1. Very Very Very

This was such a good song for I.O.I and also it was a great collaboration with JYP too. 'Very Very Very' was addicting and an instant hit for me. I do wish to hear Yeonjung's high notes (which I really love, if you haven't notice) in this song but it was such a change to see Sejeong do the high notes. 

It great to see I.O.I promotions and I wish each of them a great success in their future plans. Can't wait to see all of them debut too. 

'Yes, I love it.'

Goodbye I.O.I

Stay tune for the next episode.  

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