Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Favorites:)

The song that I have been replaying throughout this month, even though it was release last year. I barely found it this month which is BoA ft. Henry and Key - One Dream. I have been listening to this song, and I just love it. Just keep on repeating it throughout the whole entire day. 

There wasn't any really good drama to watch is month at all, but I have been loving A Hundred
Year's Inheritances a lot this month. It just gotten better this past few episode.

Variety Show:
I have been loving Running Man:) I been this month the latest episode were very funny and great to watch. I just watch like 4 new episode that I have miss in like less then 1 day:) HAHA XD Addicting it is? The episode I have been loving is:

EP 137 - Guests: After School UEE and Noh Sayeon
Where they have to defeat the other princess for the title? I mean it was a funny episode and I couldn't stop laughing at all.

EP 138 - Guests: CNBlue Jonghyun, Kim Woobin, Lee Jongsuk, Kim Sooro, and Min Hyorin
Where they were playing against each other for the best club of the running man school. I love this episode because I get to see Woobin and Jongsuk again from SCHOOL 2013! It was a great episode to watch. 

EP 135 - Guests: Super Junior Siwon and Jackie Chen
I mean Jackie Chen was on this show. GOSH I was so happy and grateful to see him, I mean it been years seeing him and watching his movies and he appear on a KOREAN show. I couldn't stop laughing when he communicates with the members of the show. 

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