Saturday, March 30, 2013

[Review] School 2013

This series is an update to the famed 'School Series' which aired from 1999 to 2002.It will focus on portraying realistic issues, struggles and dilemmas of today’s youths.
Story about Seungri high, a troublesome school that houses students from the most eligible to the most problematic. 'School 2013' shows different life stories of teachers and students as they grow up through conflicts and compromises.
Rate: 10/10
From the beginning of this drama, it already captures you into it already. Without you knowing (just kidding) you really want to keep on watching and watching. I mean I didn’t even want this drama to end at all.
I mean at first it seem to be all about fighting and see who the best, but it gets even better when the friend transfer to the same school and you get all this tension between them. You don’t really know the reason why there is that tension but as the story process you finally get to know the truth. It a drama based on the problems and situation that the whole entire class is involved.
Each episode just keeping on giving you cliff hangers that you want to keep on watching. Lucky if you are watching it after it already aired, so you don’t have to wait. I mean I seriously waited to watch this drama every week because of all the cliff hangers. Also problems just keep on creating after one another and the class just has to help each other. This gives them a chance to build their trust and friendship. I want to have a close friendship with all the students in my classroom, I mean in America I have about 8 different classes to go each day, and majority of us don’t even know each other.
Talking about the teachers, I mean I wish I have a teacher like her. I mean that would make this world change somehow. I dream of becoming a teacher and I wish I could be like her one day. About the guy, I didn’t like him at first; I mean of course no one would right, but as the story process I gotten to like him more.
There was no love relationship between each other at all in this drama. I mean sometimes there is this scene where you think the feelings are going to come but no it doesn’t. But there is love relationship though. At the end you finally get to see the love relationship between the brotherhood and sisterhood of the main characters of this drama. Of course not the love relationship we all want but even better. I really wish that the teachers would have fallen for each other too. I mean they do make a good couple for the drama too.
This is definitely a good and best drama to watch, I mean I want another series because of this drama. This is the 5th series of this School drama but the other 4 are super old. Looking forward to the next series of the School dramas.

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