Friday, March 29, 2013

[Review] Reply 1997

It tells the story of 6 former high school friends from a school in Busan who meet again in 2012 and brings back memories to 1997 when they were still high school students. Moving back and forth between the ’90s and today, the story centers on the life of Sung Shi Won (Jung Eun Ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T., and her 5 high school friends.

Rate: 10/10

Reply 1997 bring back a lot of great old days of HOT! I mean I was only like 2 at that time, but just seeing the movie bring lots of memory of HOT back to modern days. It’s definitely a drama to watch. Everything about this drama is wonderful. I love all the actors and actress too. This drama definitely helps Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk to start their career as actors and actress. Also I fell in love with Hoya after watching this drama too.

Having Eun Ji use her Busan accent just help the drama got even more comfortable and better. Each episode just keeps on getting better and since the OST came out, it have been a big hit on this drama too. I mean I would love to travel back to that year and experience the fun she did. I just love the fact that her role was such a dedicate HOT fan member which emerge to modern day fan throughout the world too.

I would really love to see this producer work more because of this drama success and also the actors and actress work in the future too. I mean when this drama aired it was a very success rating I believe and bring out the past with idols like HOT. I also love the fact that it went all the way until DBSK debut later in the episode more toward the end. 

Tell me if you have watch this already and what you think about it? 

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