Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LTA KPOP EP 26 - Drama Review 20's

Kim Hye Rim and Lee Kikwang met in middle school. Kim Hye Rim says that Lee Kikwang is her first love. They both fell in love, but eventually separated. Later on, she falls in love with a man named Kim Tae Woo. After an incident, she loses feelings toward Kim Tae Woo and meets her first love again. (via. viki.com)

 Lee Kikwang as Lee Kikwang

Lee Da In as Kim Hye Rim

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This is a great mini series drama, it only have 4 episodes and they are only 20 minutes long.

I actually love this mini drama, because of course it short, but I actually wish they would also do a full length drama with this story because I actually wanted more after watching this drama. Of course there is BEAST Kikwang, but I love the Lee Da In too. They both match each other very well too. I definitely would recommend this mini drama to anyone, why, because it short and KIKWANG is in it.

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  1. This is so good....I am a big fan of Korea and since I always wanted to visit it my dream will come true this summer thanks to flysky.ro where I bought my tickets cheap.
    To walk on the same streets as this idols will be awesome \ ^ o ^ /