Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LTA KPOP EP 27 - Top 10 'Let It Go' Cover By Korean Artist

If you didn't know (pretty sure you did know) that Frozen 'Let It Go' have become super big and popular in Korea. I mean left and right, it seem like everyone came out with a cover. I mean I love the movie and the song too. Here I would list my Top 10 favorite of Korean artist cover.

Here is the original version by Idina Menzel

Here is Demi Lovato version

Here is now my Top 10 'Let It Go' Covers!
10. SPICA Bohyung
Although I really wish that another member would do this cover, I think that she a fine job. Her strong vocals help here with all the high notes.

9. Baek Ah Yeon
Baek Ah Yeon has not so much a strong vocal but I still love this cover too. I think if she build her vocals stronger, then sing this song, she would do better. This is a great cover for Baek Ah Yeon and it really seem like it for her too.

8. 2BIC
I have to be honest, there wasn't much 'GUY' version of this song that I liked it at all. I really do love this cover because of there harmony together and there vocals.
LUSH did a great job covering this song with the members and also with great harmony too.

6. Son Seung Yeon
Son Seung Yeon have made the list of having one of the best covers of 'Let It Go' worldwide. With her great vocals and strong English, I love this cover very much too.

5. BESTie U.JI
A great vocalist and strong in her English too. She sounds amazing, I really think she match this song and she hit the notes very nice and smooth too.
4. Davichi Haeri
Haeri is known for her great vocals and I love her singing this song.

3. Kiss and Cry Dia
This was one of the very first cover of 'Let It Go' cover that I heard and I love it because of her vocals. I am pretty big on big who have great vocals but I just love the way she sound singing this song.

2. Ailee
Ailee is a solo artist that I happen to love very much because of her strong vocals. I love her singing any songs in English because of her strong vocals. I think she nail this cover. Also I kind of really wish she sang the original Korean version too.

1. SISTAR Hyorin
 Of course, this one would be first. This is the Korean version of 'Let It Go' by SISTAR Hyorin. I have to say, I love this one more than the original English version, probably, because I am so use to listening to KOREAN music that it just sounds better, JK. I do happen to love this one very much. Just the fact that it was the original Korean version.

And last but not least I am going to put a very special cover on the list too.
0. Let It Go by Ailee and Hyorin (SISTAR)
This was such a beautiful cover, I mean I love both of them singing it together, this just make it more special. They are both on the top 10 list also, so I couldn't just choose one over another. Although I do have my own preferences on who could sing it better. But both of them singing this song, just make everything better.

There you go. The END! This my top 10 'Let It Go' Covers by a Korean Artist. It was hard to choose since there was so many, but these are mine. Tell me yours. Bye!:) 

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