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LTA KPOP EP 84: Top 10 Drama Release in 2009

In today LTA KPOP episode, we are talking about the top drama release in K-Drama in the year of 2009. Now, the year of 2009 was a hit year for K-Drama but also a hit for KPOP songs and group too. But we are talking about K-Drama today.  

There are tons and tons of K-Drama release in the year of 2009, but this list contains the drama that I have seen only and are my top favorites for the year of 2009. Also I started to become addicted to dramas during the year of 2009 too.

Let's get started!!!

10. Assorted Gems (2009-2010)
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Assorted Gems is not a drama that I actually remember on top of my heads and the story front and back from the first episode to the end. I actually didn't watch this in the year of release from 2009 to 2010 at all, I actually watch this drama in 2013, when I couldn't really find anything new to watch. This drama was release in the end of the year of 2009 and finish airing in 2010. This drama being rank number 10 on this list means, I know I watch it and must of been better than all the other drama release in 2009.

9. Triple (2009)
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This drama was release in the summer of 2009 casting Min Hyorin as an aspiring figure skater. I actually watch this drama in 2012, after seeing Min Hyorin appearance in the movie 'Sunny.' 
I actually don't remember much (at the moment of writing this) about this drama, but I did like it. 

8. You Are My Destiny (2008-2009)
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This drama was release in 2008 but finish airing in 2009 with a total of 178 episodes. Although I wasn't going to include this on since it aired in 2008, I didn't think I was going to write a list for the dramas release in 2008 either, so I just included it. Also this is very much consider a daily drama, but 178 episodes. I started watching this drama in 2009, due to subtitles, but the other reason why I really like this drama was because of Girls' Generation's Yoona was playing a lead role. (Honestly is better.) 

7. Creating Destiny (2009-2010)
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This drama was release in October of 2009 and finish airing in January of 2010 with a total of 31 episodes but I didn't watch this drama until after watching Eugene appearance in 2013 in'A Hundred Year Legacy.' I happen to really like this drama a lot, and I still go back to watch certain episodes when I have nothing to watch. The leading couple is now married and have a little baby girl the welcome in April of 2015, and that another reason why I love this drama even more. 

6. High Kick Through The Roof (2009-2010)
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This is the 2nd season to the series of High Kick! with a total of 126 episodes. I really like the first and the third season, but the ending to this season makes me think of all the possible ending that could of happen. Although the ending didn't was horrible, the drama it self was very fun and full of laughter. 

5. Heading to the Ground (2009)
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I actually found this drama through Dramafever and I notice that Yunho was acting in this drama. I was debating if I did really like this drama  because it a good story or that both, Go Ara and Yunho are the main lead. 

4. Cinderella Man (2009)
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I watch this drama when it was release because of Yoona. I really like this drama a lot, although at some point in the drama I feel like it taking forever. 

3. Shining Inheritance (2009)
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This was actually the first drama I seen from Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won. I didn't like it at first because of many reason back then, but I re-watch it a couple of times over the past years and I found that there were parts were I didn't like it, and there were parts where I really enjoy it. But honestly, I think by re-watching this drama, it move up in this list. 

2. You're Beautiful
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You're Beautiful was definitely the second drama of the year in 2009. Although I already know Park Shin Hye through her child acting, this drama is were my love for Park Shin Hye grew and the start of my love for Yonghwa too, after him appearing on WGM. But this drama didn't beat the 1st place drama of the year, but at least it one of my favorite still.

1. Boys Over Flower
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Boys Over Flower was one of the most popular must seen drama of 2009, but still today, it still being re-watch from thousand of viewers and also a must seen drama for newcomer too. This drama was overrated when I first heard about it, because one I have never seen the original nor did I watch it while it was airing. But after watching it, I still believe it was overrated but I still love it a lot. This drama was the start for my love with Kim Bum, sorry, not Lee Minho, but Kim Bum. Till today, I believe I have only re-watch this drama start to finish 2 or 3 times only, but I love watching some scenes more than others.

There you have it, my list of top 10 drama release in the year of 2009. This is my own personal opinions, you can leave yours down below too. Let me know. Thanks. 

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