Monday, November 9, 2015

[Opinion] Somin leaving APRIL!

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It was reported that the leader of the rookie group APRIL Somin, will be leaving the group and the group will become a 5 member group.

Your thoughts? Your Opinion? 

I'm surprise and shock. Why? 

1.) She my bias of the group. She actually been my bias since 'Baby Kara'. 

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I really wished that the members of Baby Kara would of debut as April, more majority of the members would have, because they already have public experiences and plus already work as a team before. 

2.) I don't understand why she debuted at all then. I love her but I don't know why she leaving because she under sure about her future. I know that it would be told one day the reason why she leaving, and she still under DSP as an artists but honestly, why debut if your going to leave as a rookie group. She wanted to debut badly as a Baby Kara member and she debuted as a member of April, not just a member but the leader more exactly, why leave. 

3.) Now she left the group, there maybe a possible comeback as PURETTY, although they were just a project girl group and was disband in January of 2014. But let not get too excited shall we. 

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4.) But if PURETTY is not possible as a comeback, maybe, just maybe Baby Kara will debut as a group. She might make a comeback with the other 3 members of Baby Kara, that haven't made their debut yet. That may be another possible answers.

I'm just waiting to see what she have in her mind and all these mix feelings about her departure is making my head so confuse and plus my head starting to hurt. Okay, that my opinion, leave yours in the comment box, I understand, it may sound like a rant but that the reason why it my own opinion and thoughts. Also this was written when the first article of Somin was leaving was publish, and I saw it as a forum on 

Thank you! 

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