Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[MV Review & Goodbye] After School

After School - Flashback
Well, I was waiting for After School comeback since they announce the new member. I was some what happy and unhappy about this comeback:) Well I am just going to say the happy part here. Great to see a change in concept, and hear a lot more of the others members too. The rap part was somewhat okay, but not the best I guess. I didn't really get to see the new member in the music video at all too. The dance was really nice and sexy. It look a lot different from the past dance that they have done too.
Rate: 9.8/10

The sad part is that we have to say goodbye to the wonderful leader of After School, Kahi. She officially announce her graduation from After School after the concert in Japan. It is really sad to see her go because she is such a great wonderful leader, dancer, singer, and rapper. I would still love to see her do all those things along with acting in the future even if she graduate from  After School. After School members are still strong like they are. They loss a member but gain a new one and I know they are strong too. I would still love to see Kahi help After School in the future just as how we hope to see Bekah help After School in the future too. It going to be hard to lose Kahi but we still wish her the best:) Goodbye Kahi, Well miss you so much but you would always be the leader and a member of After School forever:) est.2009.

xoxo, Linda

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