Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[MV Review] SNSD & f(x) & Boyfriend

[MV Review] SNSD & f(x) & Boyfriend

SNSD - Paparazzi
Well, I should start it off saying WOW, I think it would be the best music video for there Japanese song ever:) Even though I do like others like, Mr.Taxi, but I think this one look very nice:) I think I only heard the word PAPARAZZI once in the song. Haha XD:) I don't really like the dance majority of the time but there was part where I do like it. Meaning when they move in a circle:) and there hand movements in "Life is a party" and when they put it in a square shape. I do love the outfits they have for this music video:)<3
Rate: 9.8/10

F(x) - Electric Shock
F(x) new song was something to look forward too, but I was so sad that the song came out when I was still at camp, so I didn't get to listen to it. I did listen to it after, when I came back from camp but the song didn't suck me into listening it again and again. I didn't fully like it the first time I heard it but I am surely I like it now that I could listen to it. I love the dance. Quite similar to Shinee-Sherlock, but very different from others too. And Victoria, went fully blond. OMG! So look to pretty in blonde. Also Luna, looks like she gotten skinny-ish, and prettier. There was also a scene that kind of look similar to Sistar-Alone, which was the scene that Victoria was laying down on the floor and they took the scene from above. Either way I love it very much:)
Rate: 9.5/10

Boyfriend - Love Style
Well, let start off that Boyfriend look pretty darn sexy in pink and flora print. I actually love the music video a lot:)<3 They gotten to handsome since that last music video/song I saw:) Some of them also change there hairstyle which look kind of weird for me because I was so use to seeing them like before but they are still super cute:) I love the dancing too because it is so different I guess, well kind of only. Haha:) Only the flying part I guess. But I do love the beginning and the ending of the music video.
Rate: 9.8/10

xoxo, Linda

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