Sunday, June 24, 2012

[MV Review] Juniel & Jo Kwon & GNA

Juniel - Illa Illa & Fool

Well, I am loving these two songs already after listening to it today. I only start to listen because I haven't got the time to actually listen to it because, well I wanted to but then like I keep on forgetting to do so then finally today after watching new rookies this year video, I deiced to watch it and also listen to it:)<3 HAHA:) I love it so much. I love her voice too!! And in the MV Fool, CN Blue Yonghwa was featured in the MV along with the song too. I have nothing bad to say about it at all. I think I would love her even more now.
Rate: 10/10

Jo Kwon - I Da One

Well, I woke up today and saw that the MV is out and went to watch it:) I was so glad I did, because it is so catchy, well for me it is, and I love the MV itself already because it have that story in the MV just like how TARA does in there few lastest Korean MV. I love the dancing and also the clothes. It was great to finally see Jo Kwon dance to his very own song and plus it is his solo debut song too. I am so happy to finally see his solo debut after being a trainee for 8 years. You are wonderful, Jo Kwon. I have nothing bad to say about this song at all:)
Rate: 10/10


I know, I am super late but I just have to get it out, for you guys:) Actually I saw this after I came back from Camp Royal and I just haven't put it up yet. Okay I didn't really like it at all at first but now I could listen to it without caring as much as when I first heard it:) I didn't really like the dancing at all nor the MV at all too. I don't like her hair color with the red at the bottom, it was annoy:) I really do love and like G.NA a lot but this MV didn't catch my attention at all. Right now, after listening to it a couple of times I think I don't have that much of an opinion to this song because I kind of start to like it but not love it at all, yet!
Rate: 8/10


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