Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Review] SISTAR - Loving U

Well, I came home today, and found out that SISTAR have release their special summer album and video of 'Loving U' already. I think this song is so good for the summer because of all the scene taken in the video. I really love the idea of taking the video in Hawaii, I believe:) It kind of seem like a 'Ma Boy' remix smell of it. I notice the dance look really sexy for this song also I could see that they use similar dance movement of all there past songs in this song. I really love all the brightness and fun in this video. I have to say I think this would be there best music video for me so far. I don't really like to dance that much because I couldn't really see the dance that much in the video at all, but hoping to see the live one soon. Also the rap in this was in the middle-ish and I love the rapping part the most too. The English was very good:) I didn't really hear anything wrong with the English at all. I love all the scene so I don't have a scene that I love. I love all the outfit seen in the video so far but not the uniform with the airplane in the back. I notice that all the member have at least a little bit more part of singing except for Bora, since she is a rapper but I would love to hear her sing using her vocal, and I know she is good at singing too. I love that they have American people appear in the video. I guess that all.
Rate: 10/10

xoxo, Linda

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