Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year Resolution

A new year mean new year resolution. I have been thinking about it a lot but finally decide to pick them out and make sure to keep them until the year end. 

  1. To post more on my blogs
  2. To lose some weight and exercise
  3. To focus more on school until graduation
  4. To cook more often

1. To post more on my blogs.
Around the mid of 2012 I was posting a lot of blogs post and I am hoping to keep on posting more blog posts on both of my blogs; personal and KPOP related. I want to at least post up some blogs at least up to 3 or 4 posts in a week. So let see how long I could keep this going. 

2. To lost some weight and exercise
This always been a goal to do but never accomplished because I am majority of the time at home doing nothing or just sitting around. I need to get up and move around too. 

3. To focus more on school until graduation
So this is my last semester as a high school student and I really want to do good. Why is this a resolution is because majority of the time when I get home, watching or reading about KPOP is what I always do and I don't do anything like my homework after that. Of course I really need to focus and study on school related things. I know this will be fulfilled by June but college is coming soon too. 

4. To cook more often
Okay, my life have been all about KPOP now. I need to cook more often now since I am getting old and I really do need to learn how to cook and help around the house. Cooking is something I should succeed as a woman so in the future I will be good. 

So tell me what your resolution is? I hope I could do this until the end of the year. Fighting!

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